What’s For Dinner #41 - 1/2019 - Clean Slate - New Plate Edition!


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Thoughts with you, Scubadoo. I would not want to exist with the conditions your mother or my FiL had. Difficult times.


Tonight’s dinner, ingredients delivered from Hello Fresh yesterday
chicken breast with pesto sandwiched between, panko, mozarella and small amount of EVOO as crust , S/P ,baked in oven 350 degrees 20 minutes until chicken is no longer pink inside ( 160 degrees) 57023741590__1877B128-549D-4D82-8A3C-319BA6F18336 and baby potatoes drizzled with EVOO
salad was not fresh, thrown away
Was good but I should have defrosted some of Kenji Lopez red sauce to go with it. Bit dry


A good visit with Mom.

Petco to restock (the cats were down to 2 cans, which will not do!)

Wegmans to restock (for me! I was down to 1 bottle of white! Horrors!)

Dinner was a bacon cheeseburger on a toasted Wegmans bulkie roll with ketchup on the bottom, double-fried French fries, and a carrot raisin salad. And wine.

It was all good.

(Denise) #613

Like that for us, except the scary low stock situation was for red. Cheers!

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Oh, I am so sorry. Light and peace to your mother, you and yours.

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Long day attending multiple kid birthdays… lots of fun, but I couldn’t do doughy pizza and icerberg salad.

So, late dinner of (homemade) fried rice and (frozen) dumplings… comfort food. Missing my chili oil!

(Robin) #616

Two small pizzas. One with soppressata and the other with a few dollops of Italian peppers. Wine was the only side.


Thank you all for the well wishes :heartbeat:


such a loving daughter, Your mom is indeed blessed.


Good idea! I’ve used film to separate raw meats, but they can still stick together after freezing, even I took a lot of care to make sure there were spaces between each piece.


Friday’s meal was cakes, DH brought home 5 small pastries. We shared them and had some leftover lettuce soup with more cheddar sticks. Yesterday we returned from a Korean supermarket in Paris 1er, now ready for the new week with some homemade Korean food. For a quick dinner, we had some stored bought Korean BBQ meat dumplings with carrot salad.


most of the time, parchment paper helps but I find the best way is to freeze my food separate without touching briefly ( I buy croissant 36 at a time from Costco , dumplings or spring rolls which I make - these have to be individually separated and frozen for around 1 hour in a tray) then after they are almost frozen, I will place them in Tupperware . They freeze individually well. If I am in a rush and they are not 100% frozen, I will use parchment paper I find this a good solution.


The problem is my freezer is quite small, so while the tray is an excellent idea, but quite difficult to execute in my freezer.

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Everything you make, everything you eat, I’ll be watching you.

I have insecurity when the cheese is low. Have long made sure there’s enough beer and wine in the house. My extra room looks a lot like a little bottle shop now. Not a bad idea, actually. Alcohol tax gets higher every year, and it’s already higher than in some other countries.

(John Hartley) #624

A classic beef stew.

There’s shin beef, on the bone, carrot, leek, celery, onion, stock, bay & thyme. It’s getting about three hours in a lowish oven (170). There’ll be parsley dumplings. And pickled red cabbage (shop bought).

Cheese for afters - Red Leicester & mousetrap cheddar. A few sultanas and walnuts to accompany.


Watching Top Chef and thinking I might make porchetta from my pork loin. I’m thinking I’ll need to wrap it in pork belly, which will of course amount to WAY to much for a family of two. Has anyone here tried this? Maybe I’ll use bacon. Or maybe panchetta.

Porchetta (Italian Garlic and Herb Stuffed Pork Loin) Recipe from Steven Raichlen’s Man Made Meals

This was a BOGO, with a January 19 sell by, so I need to get on it.

BTW, it occurs to me that I keep floating ideas on this thread, and not sure if that’s good “netiquette”. I did search first, and could only find mentions on the WFD threads.


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A lazy day. Watched the rest of “Homecoming” on Prime. A very good series.

Dinner was inspired by my sister asking for my mac and cheese recipe a few days ago…then my craving set in.

So gruyere and sharp cheddar was used, and a thick slice of brown sugar ham was chopped up and added to the elbows and cheese sauce. And a couple smaller dishes for the freezer for later.

I had a small salad alongside, although it looked like hell. And wine.


Oooo! Homecoming! We might need a new forum!

We could call it “Folks-who-used-to be-on another-cooking -forum-obssesively-watching-something-and-now-binging-on-something-else”.

BTW, that piece I cut off the loin was the best!