What’s For Dinner #41 - 1/2019 - Clean Slate - New Plate Edition!


(saregama) #590

So sorry for your family’s loss. I hope you will show your wife what you wrote here - it’s touching to read kind words and fond memories about a loved one, even if one knows the sentiments exist,

(Dan) #591

My thoughts with you and yours John.



I am so sorry for Mrs. H, and you on the loss of a special human being.
Condolences to your family at this time.

(ChristinaM) #593

Take-out pizza (concocted cheeseburger-style at home as per local food critic’s suggestion) and salad.


dinner tonight was stir fried duck breast, 1.5 lb from maple duck farm that’s delivered in the mail
there were 2 breasts, one larger than the other.
sliced them, marinaded them in splash of regular soy sauce, dark soy sauce, cider vinegar, shaoxing wine this morning.
caramelized onions in peanut oil, added white part of scallions, smashed peeled, garlic, then duck breast, freshly ground peppercorn ( prefer Szechuan peppercorn but son objects to their numbing taste) adjusted taste, then moved duck breast aside

,peanut oil as needed into wok, some shishito pepper till blistered, 1cut up poblano pepper, half an eggplant cut into , bite size, then in went some snow peas, snapped peas, oyster sauce.

Then duck back Into wok, , sesame oil for fragrance ,corrected seasoning by adding ponzu seasoning and sauce , served with red kokuho rice cooked in rice cooker, red wine.

Not very happy as I was out of carrots and red pepper for color. Son was asked to buy them , came home, left them but did not tell me they were in the house. The taste was not affected but usually I like a little color in it.

_ _

shrink-wrap , you requested picture of I packaged cooked rice. I cooked 4 dry cups of red kokuho rice, I used stretch tight to package left over into individual portions, refrigerate them to warm in microwave as needed

for 1.5 min -2 min till it comes out piping hot as though they are freshly cooked. Never had to freeze them. However, I do not use this for fried rice. Would use jasmine rice instead for that purpose.


Late dinner because the usual 1 hour Saturday morning phone call with my sister happened tonight. She’s skiing Sunday River tomorrow, so the timing was appropriate.

So prep, cook and eat was all postponed. Orange-Glazed Chicken, rice pilaf and steamed broccoli. And wine.

The chicken wasn’t as orangey as I expected but it was still decent.

Bonus pic of Alfie warming his feet under Finny. Even though the house is plenty warm.


Too cute! Everyone could use a foot-warmer buddy! :cold_face:


Got the Kinder’s Mild today. Tomorrow is St. Louis ribs cooked your way!


Tonight is a T-bone with low sodium Montreal seasoning, baked potato with PSTOB & sour cream, baked onion and spinach wilted in duck fat with Pirate Bite pepper blend!

(Robin) #599

Pasta with spicy sausage and a bit of brocolli. The little mooch thought it was delicious.


Thank you!


Still so much to accomplish even on my last day in the office. The team i worked with was really awesome, and so sweet they did a goodbye breakfast spread! Fancy doughnuts (had a chunk of the french toast one which was exactly like french toast!), the fruit salad in the back was the star with fresh pineapple and some ripe tasty cantaloupe. Photo was after we had dug in

Got to the station with time before my train (!) and was lured in by the smell of Hot Carbs. Got a few of the minis, which are squashed weird non-pretzel shapes (is that a philly thing? Or just a “pretzel factory” thing?) but certainly tasty and plenty of salt. One as appetizer and others came home. Had another at home, Better warmed with some not pictured brown deli mustard.

The rest of my random not delivery dinner included a few kirby cucumbers that barely survived in my fridge- sprinkled with everything seasoning

And big surprise, Lazy Girl Tofu , as unattractive and comforting as always

Excited to unpack and actually put my suitcase away as well as do a proper grocery store run. Gotta fix the lack of chocolate around here.

(maria ascarrunz) #602

After what feels like months, the BF cooked! He came out of his hiatus sticking the landing with his pork potstickers (steamed in a little water and then crisped in the same pan with some oil) and a miso/soy soup with a bit of tofu, sprouts, serranos, and crimini. And a cuke salad, unsmacked. All good, but the dumplings were heaven.

Happy Friday, y’all!

(maria ascarrunz) #603

OMG yum on that pasta dish, and loving your pup’s eyes!

(maria ascarrunz) #604

too bad that chicken wasn’t as tasty as it looks! i suspect i’d add something to make it very spicy…

love the boys!


Those are beauties! :star_struck:

(maria ascarrunz) #606

Oh Mr. H, so sorry for your loss, and for the Mrs. at the loss of her father. No matter how old, it’s never easy. What a lovely description you give. Raising a glass to your family tonight. Peace.

(John Hartley) #607

Again, thanks to all for your kind thoughts. They really are appreciated - not least because, apart from a couple of people who I’ve met, I’ll never know most of you or even your real names.

As for dinner, it’s Saturday night so we’re going for our usual three courser, although with a bit less time and effort than usual.

So, to start, a little of the pate that I made for Xmas and still lurks in the freezer. It’s a Nigel Slater recipewhich I think I may have posted to last months thread. But here it is again (well worth you considering - I slice it quite thinly, separating the slices with greaseprooof paper before freezing). We’ve got a pack of Melba toasts that we bought for Xmas and never got round to using and it’ll need cornichons to nibble on

To follow, roast guinea fowl. Not something we’d usually buy but it was going cheap (or should that be cheep) at the supermarket. There’ll be roast potatoes and gravy, of course. And whatever looks good in the supermarket by way of veg.

To finish, a sticky treacle pudding. Farmers market purchase. We’ve bought these before and it’s, erm, sticky and treacley. Bit different from the more common “sticky toffee”. Will just need some cream.

And, now, we need to do a “big shop”. As I mentioned earlier, we should be in Spain now and had already cleared out all the perishables so there is, almost literally, nothing in to eat.


(ChristinaM) #608



Sorry for your loss John. My Mother died last Monday. It was a blessing. Over 8 yrs of advanced dementia laying in a bed in her condo with 24/7 care. Pretty sure my kids will knock me off quickly if I’m in the same position. In fact I instructed them to do just that