What’s For Dinner #41 - 1/2019 - Clean Slate - New Plate Edition!



Usually there are slight sweetness, does it mean that it came from the soy sauce?

Lovely, they are perfect in shape. I see that you skip the colourings part. Which ones are your favourites? I have made them centuries ago, actually before my present oven, so it must be some 10 years ago.


Yum! Garlic chive is the best!

(ChristinaM) #23

They look great!


At first, I loved them. Then, when I kept eating more, they didn’t hold up. The sweetness could be from soy sauce. It has a Cheetos-like texture that doesn’t feel like just rice, maybe some cornmeal added. Also, the aftertaste was slightly MSG-ish. Probably if I didn’t eat half the bag I’d be raving about them.

I put colorings in the first batch of batter. However, I got greedy and tried to do more than one color and ended up overmixing the batter. I didn’t want to take any risk for the second batch, but I still ended up overmixing slightly. That’s why the “feet” are protruding slightly outwards instead of staying inline with the edge of the shell.


Go on about that macaroon project, please! I don’t consider myself a careful baker so I doubt I would have a successful result but these look beautiful!


That was minor, and it was easy to correct now you already got the right temperature and timing of your oven. How many macrons I saw selling in shops that were not raising enough and remained flat or with rough surface.

(Dan) #27

Happy New Year all! I’m catching up on wonderful posts over my morning java and wow!! did you all celebrate in fun and delicious style!:+1:

Starting the new year with a crockpot braised brisket in a lemony spiced gravy. Tri-color carrots nabbed from TJs roasted in the oven simply with tossed green salad and wine. After the holiday, we take a long dessert break.

I accepted a p/t job which starts in 2 days so my HO posting time will change some but I look forward to new lessons in 2019 fom this generous community.

Raising a glass to a food forum with class,


Oh no! You will be missed or rather, you will miss us and will stop taking new jobs! :wink:
:hugs: Have fun in whatever adventures you will have in 2019!

(Dan) #29

LOL @naf, you are very kind.


Enjoy, I am sure you are glad to be back in the saddle. I faced the same decision 2 1/2 years ago, and returned to my industry on a slightly different level and time commitment and have now found it fitting with my lifestyle just perfectly.
I think that my role now which is more advisory and less hands on, really allows me to transmit what I have learned in my industry since 1972.
Hoping you get what you want form this, and perhaps when you get some time for all of us here, we can meet and hoist a glass or two! (currently sitting in the sister-in-laws house in Toms River)

(Dan) #31

Spot on, Phreddy. If my bride was ready to call it a day, I probably would be more able but being on very diff ships…

I’ll be around, just a diff timeslot😉. Toms River is an hour south of me. Good to know.


Sounds great…Then I live about 45 minutes from you…in Astoria Queens, Near LaGuardia Airport…
Perhaps we can get a get together with some of say with in one hour of us all?..
Would live to meet up with those that live hear and near…Heck…Gracie is my daughters age, but her dad is a Plumber like me…more off she loves to cook like us…
I am going to throw it out there…Would you like me to try to set up a meet and great in our area?..Could be in NJ or NY or NYC…But I personally would like something not in NYC…What do you think?

(Dan) #33

It sounds like a blast but my heels will be in LA for the next six months. I will be on HO but not in NJ.
Save my place, Phreddy!


Here’s what I spent all day cooking, but didn’t eat. Pulled pork, Brazilian style collard greens, and a black eye peas recipe from Marcus Samuelson.

I started the pork butt in my smoker at 1:30 AM after toasting the New Year

Black-Eyed Peas with Coconut Milk and Ethiopian Spices

Brazilian Collard Greens-NYT
I used coconut oil

What's For Dinner #40 - 12/2018 - The Hearth and Home Edition
(ChristinaM) #35

I made a Mexican pork and pepper stew in the IP on the slow-cook and (eventually) high-pressure settings. Still getting the hang of this appliance and the pork needed a bit more time to tenderize. I also think my pork shoulder should have been more marbled. Served with ww gnocchi with calabacitas on the side.


Yum! Thoughts on the IP? I wonder if I would actually use it.


LA like LalaLand in CA?
Or like the state of Lousiana…?
Congrats on the new gig!! Hope it’s everything you want it to be

(Dan) #38

Lol, yeah goes where the job takes ya, right?! Its always been that way for me. Thxs


Rolled pork loin with rosemary, garlic , and sage . Served with broccoli rabe , and polenta. Wine to drink . Cheers :wine_glass:

(Dan) #40

Wow, that is some beautiful spiral! Well done!