What’s For Dinner #41 - 1/2019 - Clean Slate - New Plate Edition!


(maria ascarrunz) #261

TJs brined pork chop, rubbed with an ancho rub and some smoky bourbon sugar. Chop turned out weird - dry in spots, and a funny texture in others. Meh. Too bad, as we loved it last time. Copied my seester’s tortilla de cauliflower, using orange cauliflower and a little saffron. Nice and sweet.

Also, buttered beets and dill - I can’t believe it took me this long to put BUTTER ON BEETS.

and a green bean salad tossed in walnut oil, Maldon salt, pepper, with creamy goat cheese and toasted walnuts.

also made pasta e fagiole for tomorrow night’s dinner, except for the pasta, which I’ll make and add in when i get home.


Finishing the lettuce before going to philly in the morning, added cucumber, olives and a whole lot of cilantro, plus the other half of a yellow bell pepper.
Afraid i am trying to get sick and made and drank lots of very hardcore green juice today which took care of the rest of the cilantro and other half of bell pepper.
Had some kimchi snack as my appetizer, and a side of Lazy Girl Tofu

Dessert will be a packet of emergenC after my zicam dose and hopefully sleeping through the night.


Ugh- hope you nip the cold in the bud!

(maria ascarrunz) #264

feel mo bettah fast!

(John Hartley) #265

Thanks, meat.

I think we may have a phrase on this side of the Atlantic to describe these sorts of alleged allergies. That’ll be a “load of bollocks” (variations are available)


And Many Happy Returns to your son! 1987 was a very good year!


Ah! Hope you are feeling fresh as a daisy today. When I get that little tickle in my throat I swear by outrageous amounts of vitamin C in all forms (fresh oranges/pomelos, papayas anything really, vitamin C pills) and zinc tabs. Perhaps a hot toddy :wink:


This made me laugh. Probably more than it should!




Perhaps you can try suggestion from Meathead ( my guru for smoking), that would be to rub your pork roast with kosher salt 12- 24 hours in advance ( he says that salt does not penetrate meat so, to do that in advance for it to soak in, then rub oil all over the pork butt, then followed by copious amount of Memphis dust. I make a batch, store them in canister , ready to use when needed.
Memphis Dust if interested:
3/4 cup demurer sugar
3/4cup white sugar
1/2cup paprika
1/4 cup garlic powder
2 Tbsp ground pepper
2 tablespoon ground ginger
2 tablespoon onion powder
2 Tbsp rosemary powder ( yes powder)
2 Tbsp ancho powder



I do not think “load of bollocks” should be used in this context.
I am allergic to raw carrots, peaches unless they are canned or cooked, watermelon, cantaloupe and even grapes occasionally. I develop laryngitis, ( that means I become hoarse because my vocal cords gets swollen - laryngeal edema which is the most frightening as it can lead to laryngeal spasm and death. I also have minor swelling of tongue and lips. This has been confirmed recently with extensive tests.
When my husband was alive, he almost died twice in the 60’s nd 70’s until NIH confirmed diagnosis of gluten enteropathy, almost unheard of during those early years. There were no IGE blood test then, had to have a capsule swallowed until it reach. the second part of his intestine, ( duodenum) , confirmed by fluoroscopy and biopsy taken. When we are invited to dinner, I always bring along a dish that my husband can eat and for others to share. You will be surprised how people can tell us there is no gluten in their cooking, but they use canned soup for example on their green bean casseroles, use flour to thicken their sauces etc etc. Simple, for me, we just bring a dish for my husband without causing any fuss.

Now, I have alpha gal syndrome as well as other allergy from new tests that came out in 2017, confirmed October 2018.

When someone comes to my house and tells me they are allergic to nuts, I do not use nut products purposely in my cooking. I even questioned about Peanut oil which I use for frying but was told, they are not allergic to peanut oil. Perhaps it is the high heat that cause breakdown of the components. Who knows? However, when I added broad beans recently as marinade, my guest read that there is soya bean oil , and told me that unless it is fermented, she cannot eat it, I oblige by giving her something else from my fridge. I think the broad beans are fermented but I will never contest someone when she tells me she cannot eat my food. Better safe than sorry.

Simple solution, just serve her something else like the small amount of left over wild boar Italian ragu with rice as well as a piece of fresh tuna fitted the bill although she wanted to eat the tuna raw and I insisted that I sear it for her as I do not eat wild tuna raw unless I freeze it for. a day or two myself.

Hope you understand.

(Robin) #272

Well it’s 2019 and I’m going to try to do better cooking and posting as I miss participating here! I’ve been diligently reading, just not sharing. 2018 was pretty crappy all around but we are still standing. Toward the end we had a pup get sick and very quickly we lost him to lung cancer (of all things) in about a 6 week span. It was a mess but time moves on and our other Aussie has taken to solo dog life. In fact, much to our surprise he his relishing getting all the attention and has become more of a people person than he ever was. So, on we go! He was never much for lounging on the couch before.

Last night was a bowl of beef and veggie stew that cooked all day. Beef was browned. Veggies were carrots, fennel, and shallots cooked down with some oregano, rosemary, a squeeze each of harissa and tomato paste, and some beef broth. Served with a nice glass of Zin. Leftovers will be perfect for lunch during our first extended rainy week in SoCal.

(John Hartley) #273

No, not really. I have , of course, heard about nut allergies and others of the apparently increasing number of things the modern generation is allergic to - but not unfermented oil.

It may be that my country has a much less developed food culture than yours. Not only had I not heard of fermented oil before, I hadn’t come across soya bean oil either (it’s certainly not stocked by my normal supermarket - second largest chain in the UK).

(ChristinaM) #274

Sorry to hear about your pup; glad to see you here.


I am not going to debate anyone if and when they tell me they rae allergic to something in my food I am serving. I do know that fermenting makes the soybean oil more refined. Apparently, tofu and soy sauce are fermented forms of soy.
Here is an article about fermenting soya oil and its benefit

Soybean Oil Allergy
Less information is available regarding soybean oil and allergic reactions, although there are a number of cases of allergic reactions reported in the medical literature to foods, as well as medications, that contained soybean oil.

It is likely that, similar to peanut, crude soybean oil contains more protein than refined soybean oil. While soy is considered to be a common food allergy, it is more of an issue in young children, and adults frequently outgrow peanut allergy.

Let us not dwell on this subject if possible as I am not a debater.


Losing a loved pet is so incredibly hard. Glad to see you posting and with a beautiful dog by your side.

(John Hartley) #277

Came across a recipe for a puttanesca sauce to go with shop bought gnocchi. It was OK but that’s all. Green & Black’s ice cream and a a dollop of Lidl fruit compote was dessert and was much more enjoyable.


I’m so sorry about the loss of the pup. It is interesting seeing new aspects of personality emerge from a now solo animal. Makes you realize how much their species-specific pecking order affects things!

Here’s to a better year! Look forward to keeping up with your cooking adventures. :slightly_smiling_face:

(ChristinaM) #279

Curry-ketchup roasted salmon filets, buttered limas, sauteed squashes with jalapeño, green salad

(maria ascarrunz) #280

yeah, thanks, i know - I didn’t give it enough time this time - only 3 hours. Last time I left it overnight.

My favorite rub so far has been some blends that I picked up at a spice shop: i mix Habanero Smoked Sugar with Bourbon Smoked Paprika and Bourbon Sugar. So good.

Yours sounds great!