What’s For Dinner #41 - 1/2019 - Clean Slate - New Plate Edition!


(ChristinaM) #201

Looks pretty perfect!



It hit the spot


And I had at least one. The pine nuts

(maria ascarrunz) #204

hmmm. not sure i can help, as i’m a thigh lady myself. i did use chicken breast here, but i poached it, and it was already in pieces (I accidentally bought chicken tenders!) I usually don’t buy breasts…


You must have a very big freezer! Most meal you freeze at least half of it.

Do you have a filing system to ease searching?

(ChristinaM) #206

“Polynesian pork” in the IP with cauli rice. Decent, a bit dry.

I had an amazing English mild aged on coconut and cacao nibs as a starter.

ETA: just saw DH bought “loin end chops,” not shoulder as I thought. Explains the dryness.


Later out of work than I wanted (what else is new?)

:::Think, think, think on the drive home:::

What to make?

Hamburger Stroganoff from the neon green 1970s General Mills recipe card file box to the rescue. (The file box is long gone. I kept maybe 5 recipes. )

Served on egg noodles with peas and paprika sprinkled on top.

No picture. It’s essentially S.O.S. with peas on top. But it satisfied, despite how it looked.

Oh yeah. There was wine.


I made a good sized pot of vegetable soup to ward off the predicted cold weather for the weekend. It’s loaded with alliums and greens to to ward off the sneezing sort of cold too! So dinner was a grilled cheese sandwich (sharp cheddar, Dijon mustard on seeded w/w bread) and vegetable soup.

Happy weekend folks!

(Dan) #209

Wonderful meals, all! You encourage me to experiment more.

But this wknd, with limited time, I went with what I know eyes closed…Put on a big crockpot batch of tomato sauce. Added grated sweet potato, roasted garlic, fresh oregano and basil trimmings, and puree roasted red peppers. Just tossed in a handful of premade meatballs I had freezer stashed. Let it simmer overnight on low. Enjoy tomorrow night with family.

Dinner tonight was fish and chips with deli health salad and my sisters corn relish.



Making my spicy cabbage salad recipe (going bap Cai).


Also smoking some pork loin. Another Lucky Market BOGO deal…

But that was AFTER binging on these Holie Wood Oysters, overnight from Giovanni Fish Market in Morro Bay.

I also tried Kenjis dry brined reverse seard pork chop technique on the loin.

(maria ascarrunz) #212

IP short ribs I made Sun. night finally got eaten today. Mashed taters had TPST* of butter in them. Virtuous salad, too.

*the proverbial shit-ton, lest you’ve forgotten. :slightly_smiling_face:


Son just told me earlier today 3 of his friends are coming to visit, chill out, play music and perhaps stay till Sunday.
That I am not to worry about food.
I made a double creme brie baked with puff pastry shel which was served with crackers and red pear, took out some mangalitsa ham from august party that were vacuum sealed in fridge as another appetizer, also garlic and shallot Boursin cheese .friend brought stuffed olive , steak and chicken wings. Dessert from from Whole Foods with roasted red pepper, also some snapped peas which I added olive oil and pollen for vegetabe that they grilled. It was reality tasty . I also cooked some shishito peppers with EVOO til the skin blistered and added some salt to it. ( forgot to take pictures)



Pathetic so called dinner last night, was cutting it close to catch my train! Had a clif bar and some pretzel goldfish on the train. Got a serious whif of my kimchi when i got home :joy: so i snacked on a bit of that while scrolling delivery options. Surprised it was already “done” considering how cold my apartment was! Lots of happy bubbles.
It was late and cold and soonest delivery would be about an hour so i just made a simple big mug of oatmeal and added a scoop of almond butter, tea a la carte.

Really cold today and yet i wanted salad. Lettuce, olives, cucumber, and a pile of cilantro :)) i had bought a few oranges and went to have one as a snack earlier but it was a little ruby red grapefruit! Surprise…! Not my favorite to eat as is, so i set aside and added to my salad. Lots of hot miso broth to drink a la carte. Snacked on some kimchi as i was chopping as my appetizer

There’s good cocoa powder in the cupboard so I’m thinking hot chocolate made with oatmilk for dessert…

(Dan) #215

Sign me up for thst dessert.

(Denise) #216

Grated sweet potato, you say? I’m intrigued about what that does for your tomato sauce.


Last night I had a craving for Goran Kosanovic’s peanut noodles from The Washington Post, and there were a few frozen Chinese Spaghetti Factory pork and leek dumplings to use up. It definitely scratched that itch. The noodle recipe might not be authentic, but it sure is tasty.

(John Hartley) #218

Locally shot pheasant breasts, wrapped round a cranberry & orange flavoured stuffing (a farmers market purchase). To accompany, as the oven is on, a cheats version of potato fondant (which uses a mix of butter & stock) and simply steamed cabbage.

Mrs H is making rice pudding for dessert - to be served cold with some of the opened jar of fruit compote that we bought at Lidl.

(Dan) #219

A trick my Aunt passed down. If your tomatoes aren’t peak the sweet potatoes take the bitterness out just enough while contributing more body to the sauce. Once the sauce cooks down you don’t notice the sweet potatoes at all. I like sweet potatoes but in this instance they serve a diff purpose.

(Denise) #220

Aha. Far better than adding sugar to the sauce to make up for less than peak tomatoes, which I have heard that folks do.

I’m going to try adding grated sweet potato sometime, thank you! Might you have an approximate rule of thumb for the right proportion of grated sweet potato to tomato sauce?

An aside: Up in the Merrimack Valley north of Boston some places make pizza with “sweet sauce.” It’s a local preference that usually flies under the radar unnoted. Though the difference is apparent if you did not grow up here. I have wondered if that sweet sauce has its origin in using sugar to sweeten
lackluster canned tomatoes.