What’s For Dinner #41 - 1/2019 - Clean Slate - New Plate Edition!


(Denise) #181

Oh my, the dreaded budget constraint. I was freelance for many years so I feel you. Here’s to opening up space for bigger and better opportunities ahead.


The box of duck meat arrived last night ( duck bacon, duck breast strips for stirfry etc, duck sausage which I can use as part of sofritto for paella and cataplana as many chicken sausage so far has pig and beef casings), duck tenders ( we cooked them last night as appetizer but no picture taken )dipped in hot wing sauce, fully duck drummettes, ground duck meat ( to be used for chinese dumplings as substitute for ground pork)
Nicely packed with dry ice, Fed EX , recveid 2 days.
So far so good. The appetizers are now on sale ( I ordered Jan 3rd ) till Jan 25 and if you go to Facebook, can get an extra 10% promotion , so will definitely ordering again before Jan 25 as the tenders were

a hit! Fed Ex goes up after $100.01 dollars

So, here is lunch for us,3 chicken breasts left over for my dinner ( have pork chop marinaded in SS, garlic, shaoxing wine, five spice powder, and sesame oil for son’s dinner which he can just grill himself ) which I will add mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, finished in oven and add red sauce ( Kenji Lopez recipe from Serious eats)
Shisito peppers were stir fried in wok with EVOO till skin blistered then I sprinkled lime infused salt .

(maria ascarrunz) #183

good luck to you! I’m sure it’ll be nice to be home more often…

(maria ascarrunz) #184

that skin!
those beans look mighty fine too…
and I’ve only ever made stove-top rice - love it.

(Dan) #185

Home for the wknd. TSA nightmares aside, I landed a month to month in N Hollywood to work out of and flopping with buddies in Pasadena while the gig lasts. Tonight my darling wife and I are enjoying lamb chops with grilled grapes, creamed spinach, saute mushrooms, and a mixed greens salad. Then running to a movie and dessert with family. I hope to catch up on the boards.

Best to all of you lucky food lovers,


@ccj, looks delicious


Got home at a reasonable time, but the chicken wasn’t quite defrosted. So a quick nuke helped it along. Quick-roasted chicken breast seasoned with olive oil and Penzeys Old World seasoning. Simple sides of Basmati rice and steamed green beans. Wine.

(ChristinaM) #188

I threw canned chickpeas, carrots, peas, and spinach in the Instant Pot with a jar of tikka masala simmer sauce. Easy dinner served over cauli rice with a dollop of cottage cheese. That neglected cuke salad on the side.


Tangent ahead!

So I’m wanting to make this bang bang chicken this weekend, but know it will be a party of one. I was thinking the vacuum sealed shredded white meat Costco rotisserie chicken, but I should probably make less than the 2 pounds it comes in.

So of course I am obsessing about using the Costco rotisserie stuff, but freezing or tossing the excess, roasted breast on bone, or sous vide bone!sss skinless breast.

What do you think is best for salad, or any other building block for a week’s worth of quick , lean protein recipes?

(ChristinaM) #190

I vote for roasting a single bone-in breast. Best flavor that way and some nice skin. The breast on a rotisserie chicken is so overcooked/pumped full of brine. And rubbery skin. Yech.

Use any leftovers in a banh mi.


You always come through!!

And while we’re on it, how about ideas for a banh mi salad? Trying to minimize the bread.

Found these while overthinking.

Vietnamese chicken & herb salad


Sorry about the lazy links and edits… It’s a Top Chef Night!

So excited.

(ChristinaM) #192

I am all about this slaw with cooked chicken breast on top: http://www.vietworldkitchen.com/blog/2007/07/spicy-cabbage-s.html

I add cucumber, sliced red peppers, snap peas, bean sprouts, whatever. It’s so fresh and light, and you can eat a lot for few calories. Chopped peanuts on top are good.


Sounds perfect!


(John Hartley) #194

The goose and ham ragu, that we made from the Christmas leftovers and froze, is getting its first outing in the form of lasagne. It’ll make a change from the usual Anglicised beef based Bolognaise sauce that most of we Brits put with pasta. Bag of supermarket rocket, watercress & spinach salad to accompany.


Kind of a simple meal. I had purchased a bag of cracked bulgur wheat and toasted vermicelli blend which had been languishing in the freezer.

Simple stovetop prep and served with pan seared chicken beasts and salad


#1 son over last night with grandson and his mom. Served scintillating hot grill pan rib steak sliced off the bone medium rare, ,Palomino “bisteak” empanada ( breaded and pan fried thin sliced top sirloin steak) mashed potatoes, white rice, a salad of greens, tomato, cukes, Mortadella, Capicola, fresh mozzarella, black olives, Hearty Italian country “Pan de Casa” dipped in EVOO…typical Ecuadorian meal for her son…
Me…A rare rib steak sandwich on bread with lettuce and tomato…no complaints here.


No pics again, but in an effort to avoid the store I made a bastardized ‘stir fry’ with cauliflower ‘rice’, mixed veggies and shrimp. I really liked it actually. For minimal seasoning it was quite tasty. Soy sauce, rice vinegar and siracha. I feel like I deserve a medal for actually cooking Monday - Thursday with intentions of cooking tonight!

(John Hartley) #198

I add pine nuts and lots of parsley (and, sometimes, mint)


Caldo Verde on my mind…


So warming with some garlic toast it was perfect