What’s For Dinner #41 - 1/2019 - Clean Slate - New Plate Edition!


(John Hartley) #161

Thanks. 2018 was a very shit year and we’re glad to see the back of it. 2019 has to be better - although I am not yet counting my chickens.


A change of scenery will help!

My 2018 was similar. I hope 2019 is better but it is hard to shake the persistent feeling of foreboding. Remembering that things eventually turn around helps me maintain a semblance of perspective. :confused:

Here’s to great meals with friends and family under sunny skies!

Safe travels.


Good luck to you - hopefully, something even better comes along. And you get to enjoy cooking and eating at home for awhile. :slight_smile:

(John Hartley) #164

Indeed so.


Seconded on the “looking better” part - as someone who desk dinner-s a lot, that’s not bad! I hear you on the red onion, but as part of a desk dinner it always leads to that 2am taste of onion I can’t get rid of.


My good friend for me too…but I say a “shit ton” bad year!
Glad it is behind my butt…

(Jimmy ) #167

Night two for this soup. It became more of a cabbage stew after sitting in the 'fridge for a day. After a reheat and a half cup of vegetable stock, it still delivered!

Pork dumplings disintegrated, but the carrots remained crisp, and the button mushrooms absorbed a lot of flavor.

I’ve been cooking Cabbage Soup for decades, and this one exceeded all others.

(ChristinaM) #168

Ranch roasted chicken, potatoes, and carrots. I made creamy cucumber salad but forgot about it until after dinner. Oops.


The kid asked I post a dinner pic tonight. Rice, crispy chicken skin, and stir-fried string beans. The family was happy because it was the first time this year I cooked rice on the stove. I used a $300 Zojirushi induction pressure rice cooker over the holdiay break, but nothing beats stove-cooked rice for me.


Sounds great!

I have a “cheat recipe” for Jamaican beef patties; frozen empanada wrappers! I prefer La Saltena, “for baking” (vs the ones for frying).


Mmmm ranch roasted chicken. That sounds lovely.


I’m in love with that chopstick holder (if that’s what you call that)!


Creamy cucumber dessert tonight! :joy:


Thanks for all the comments and votes of confidence, my point of view is if it is The Job I Should Have eventually everything will work out and i will return, and if not then there’s something better waiting for me to find it.

Turns out a coworker on design team had family emergency, unknown when she will return, so they have extended my contract another two weeks for now.
Brutal reminder to focus on family and what really matters in the Big Picture…

Dunno what i was thinking, ordered a tabouli salad and hummus- i actually picked up pita chips earlier (they were out of the pretzel thins i like) which is a good thing because whatever they sent with the hummus is some pathetic thin non-pita thing.
Tabouli was pretty good! Just needed a bit of salt.
I’ll have the rest of that chocolate bar and probably and apple with my tea, can’t finish that much hummus and tabouli isn’t exactly filling.


I’ve been cooking but no pictures. Tonight BBQ meatloafs. I must be low in iron or something. I never want red meat and already made this twice in 2 weeks. I make them into little patties and they cook fast. Roasted broccoli and cauliflower. Side of cucumber salad :grin:

Last night I gussied up jarred tiki masala sauce with garlic, onion, ginger, spices and herbs. Added chicken. Served over coconut brown basmati rice with roasted brussel sprouts.

The night before… I think that was a honey/ginger marinaded pork loin with roasted veggies and lentils.

Tomorrow I think will be salmon if I get some time between calls to run to the store.


I picked out some of the excessive onion and thankfully dodged any after effects- it’s like the people making dishes with so much raw onion never eat them to understand just how much is too much…

(ChristinaM) #177

All sounds great!


I would fork and knife this a hundred times if I could. Pakistani restaurants all over the U.S. are very guilty of this.


Couple of eggs poached in my red sauce. Buttered toast. Wine to drink .:wine_glass:Cheers


Yeah, should focus on things that matter.

And now for 2 more weeks of travels. But looks like they might eventually keep you! Well, if this work in NYC instead…