What’s For Dinner #41 - 1/2019 - Clean Slate - New Plate Edition!

Do you use it to cook or for presentation?

My neighbour, who is originated from Algeria, told me that cooking tagine pot shouldn’t have interior varnish.

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The little potters shop I bought this from had many like the ones you have pictured - plain as well as well as brightly painted. There were only two like mine left, a small and a large - plain but with a tiny bit of blue.

He said the brightly painted ones were not for cooking, just serving.


The shopkeeper / potter I bought it from asked me the same question, and said for cooking I should take the plain terracotta ones or one of the last two with a little blue decoration. They looked so plain next to the pile of gorgeously colored stock… and I still regret not buying both!

There were both glazed and unglazed among the cooking tagines he had - perhaps there are preferences, or the unglazed need a different seasoning process…

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Those fans are called “bellows.”


WHAT?! YUM. Yogurt?! What was the temp you ate these at? My mind is blown.

Fried rice over the weekend, inspired by the shrinkrap’s fried rice thread. Clean fridge operation: chicken, chorizo, onion, lettuce and egg.

Saturday, was eating at a friend’s place.
Butternut soup

Beef chuck tajine with dried abricots and couscous.

Dessert was the galette des rois (kings cake), in puffy pastry and almond paste, a classic of January in France to celebrate Epiphany. I made a lime cake, soaked in lime juice and cover with a light frosting. We were talking and got a bit too involved, while the cakes were warming in the oven, the king cake got slightly burnt with the funny black colour on the top.

Yesterday was simple duck breast + mushroom, leek, cheddar and cream tagliatelle. I tried the “dried” cooking method suggested in the mushroom thread. The flavours was much intense. Thanks everyone!


i don’t know where you are, but they’ve just gotten so expensive near me - many cuts of beef are cheaper.

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They were the best thing on the plate! Lukewarm. Next time: adding sumac


Yummmm! Duck and pasta both look sooo good

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Made a frittata with crumbled breakfast sausage, zucchini, onions, and mozzarella.


Delicious! I wonder also how the custard version, kind of like the first photo but cooked by steam or water bath will taste like.

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Now you’ve got me craving some version of eggy custard :joy:

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ooh that looks good. I made another cauliflower tortilla (tortilla, frittata, whatevs) for lunches this week…



We had neighbors over for a playdate with heavy apps. A real dinner is out of the question.


So I’m planning to make Jerk pork. I marinated a tenderloin, and am thinking of smoking it. I loathe dry pork, and smoking seems to help the loin.

But I read this on Spruce Eats
Keep These Cuts Off the Smoker In general, any cut of meat that we consider “good”—like pork tenderloin or a good lean roast—should not be smoked

Anybody smoke tenderloin?

I would just grill it.

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I believe you are right…but that would be too uncomplicated. :grin:

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Thought it would be enough to have the last of the barley soup, but I was very hungry.

So a DIY “hand roll” platter with leftover sushi rice, avocado, and smoked salmon, plus a package of seaweed snacks. Tasty and easy.


Done to perfection in about 15 minutes!

spent 8 hours shopping in nearby Virginia at Costco, Asian Store and Trader Joe’s ( for wine) yesterday
Got lost locating the new Grand Mart Supermarket store, worse asian store I have been at , expensive , not much products and no food court either
Could not find dried fish, lo gan ma products, not even horseradish powder or paste so, I just bought a few things that I absolutely need ( sesame oil, light soy sauce, spring onions ) and left.
Today, am cooking for my son as he had ordered food twice a week but has not gotten around to cooking . I was against the idea, vegetable, meat , etc came with direction to cook in boxes with dried ice. I have to worry if it was to be delivered on time and now, it seems we have 2 packages in the refrigerator since last week that he has not cooked yet. I refused to cook it as he wants to follow recipe and I am not the type to follow recipe, maybe use it as a guide but that is it.

So, am cooking some beef that he purchased these from the DC farmer’s market which I believe are short ribs . I browned them on high heat in my cast iron skillet after dusting them with sweet potato starch, added caramelized onions, garlic, bay leaf, freshly ground pepper, thyme, oregano, bay leaf , carrots, celery , beef broth, couple tablespoon of tomato paste and braised it on top of the stove in my 1940’s copper havard pot . ( I will not allow him to use my havard C splendid***copper pot as it is 4-5 mm tapering to 2.5 mm on top weighing 8 lbs. So, nobody use it except me and only when I am not in a hurry as it is really heavy. It is very old but looks like red gold ) I then added some pinot noir to it, then baby potatoes at the last hour. . Cooked in lowest heat for hours, then added a bit of potato starch to thicken it. He scooped some out into my onion soup bowl, after lining it with puff pastry sheets above and below, added some Kerigold Dubliner cheese, cooked it in the countertop oven til the pastry puffed. He says it tasted good. ( I am not allowed to taste beef)