What’s for Dinner #39 - Nov. '18 - The Beginning of the Holiday Season!

(Dan) #525

It will if you don’t use a thick layer on the sides and base of your baking pan. I create a thick layer of shredded potato pressed up the sides. This “structure” also helps when you cut slices. Adding a bit of arrowroot or cornstarch also helps the shreds stay put on the sides of the pan.


What I would do for a bowl of that right now! YUM!


Which Lidl did you go to? The Hazlet one is near me and I am curious about it. How was the store? Prices?

(Dan) #528

Bingo. Yes I live nearby so Hazlet is closest for me as well. The store looks bigger from the outside. Food stuffs and non foods are mingled aisle by aisle. Cold and frozen outer walls, produce, small fresh baked breads/cookies and plants greet you upon entering. Shelf stable products middle aisles. Right now, lots of employees, all registers covered, plenty of product on organized shelves. I see little diff in price or quality vs Aldi. Grand opening savings are good for the next month. I was at the Aldi grand opening yrs back in Hazlet and the fanfare was much quieter than Lidl. If you enjoy buying basics at a discount either store works. If the fresh baked goods, Euro chocolates and cheese, some wildcard frozen foods interest you its worth a visit to Lidl. I have no doubt Aldi and Lidl will def. compete down to the penny. The parking lot was 90% full when I went back a second time but the store once inside didn’t feel like a crowd. Once your eyes adjust to the shiny new I think you will see the purchasing space is actually small.

I bought a bag of lemons, bogo fresh baked pastries;bread, pomms, bag of coleslaw, frozen mushroom truffle pizza, crab and lobster cakes, cheese galore, butter, flowers, salad greens, mango, org eggs, bag of avocado, salmon out of curiosity. Morning shop was $21. Later returned and spent about $40 more. Recd money saving coupons at checkout. There is no alcohol☹️

I don’t see this opening or Aldi moving to a larger space hurting the major grocers, I see the price of shopping for basics becoming a win for customers and sb owners. I now shop at 11 food stores N-S of highway 35. Far more than I have ever needed.


11 food stores!? Let’s see if I can do it - starting from RB: Whole Foods, Stop and Shop, Livotti’s, ShopRite, that Asian Grocery by Crown Palace, Best Market, Aldi, Lidl. Who am I missing?

Interesting point about the size of the store. It looks enormous from the outside. I will make my way over there at some point and check it out.

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ShopRite Hazlet & Middletown, Panera. I don’t like Best Market. I rec remainders for the seniors from Panera. More if we add wine/booze😊.

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Dinner tonight is red curry with scallops and shrimp with jasmine rice and lemongrass soup. Nice bottle of iced sake ta boot.

Weekend is nearly here!

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That sounds delicious

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First meal back at home last night. I made a quick sheet pan dinner with things from the fridge: roasted beets, fennel, pears, and baby brats. Green salad.

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Are chickpea crepes made with the flour or pureed peas?

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@Saregama, I have done a bit of recipe comparing on this dish. Some begin with making the pita from scratch and baking the dough while the chicken pcs roast. Others, open a bag of store bought pita and roast the raw chicken on top of already baked bread. I’m confused by this. How doesthe pita not burn up while the chicken is doing its thing?


Taco bowls with seasoned ground beef and grilled bell peppers and shallots. I always buy a tub of pre-peeled shallots for Thanksgiving (I use many in my stuffing, and the pre-peeled tub not only saves time but money - they are less than $2/lb from Restaurant Depot!), but they don’t keep all that long so my post-Thanksgiving meals feature them until they are used up! Plenty of leftovers for DH to have dinner tonight while I’m seeing a friend’s opera downtown.

(saregama) #537

Most of the pita is under the chicken and onions, so the edges of the pita get crisp / a bit charred (you want the crunchy contrast), but the rest of the pita in the dish is actually catching the liquids from the chicken and the onions (it should be a lot of onions - flavor is just sumac and onions, unless you want to add garlic or other things).

Some recipes I looked at early on added some broth, but I thought that would make the pita too soggy.

Try b/s thighs if you’re worried about cooking time and burnt pita.

(saregama) #538

These were chickpea flour (besan really) + ww.

If I was soaking & grinding (ie batter from scratch) I would do yellow mung not chickpea or bengal gram (lighter to digest and tastier).

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Everything looks good, but the fennel is :heart_eyes:

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The beets south-indian style were a nice change from all my usual beet recipes.

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Blanked on Costco! Added😁

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Okay, thanks for walking me through it. I have a small sack of Bobs RM besan flour that really needs use.

(saregama) #543

Oh - I have lots of besan uses :joy:

If you start a thread, I’m sure @bmorecupcake and others will chime in

Beware the digestive stress… we use asafoetida whenever besan is in use for that reason.

(Dan) #544

Can turmeric substitute for the time being?