What’s for Dinner #39 - Nov. '18 - The Beginning of the Holiday Season!

This is the first time I’m starting the new WFD thread on HO! Hope no one else already started one…

For a lot of us, this is the anticipatory run-up to Thanksgiving. For my sister and I, it’ll be take-out Sichuan.

For some, it’s turning Fall-like, cooler, some of you MAY be turning on your heat, finally… :smile: For us in the Bay Area, we’re having our Indian Summer, and loving it.

What’s on your plate tonight?


I’ve been gone so long, feels like! A week-ful of eating in Mexico City has me trying to pare down a teensy bit before my trip to NOLA in a couple weeks. But BF has been working long hours and so I made him a hearty dinner of penne the other night, with leftover odds and ends that were cooked up and frozen before we left on our trip. Just added italian sausage, tomato paste, red wine, garlic, cayenne (out of RPF!), bay leaf, oregano, etc. Not as saucy as I would have liked (out of tomato sauce! out of everything!), but actually tasted great. Green salad on the side.

I brought back some more beautiful mole molido from CDMX, and that’ll be up for this weekend. I’ve got some Rancho Gordo Eye of the Goat beans I cooked up a couple days ago and that will be part of Friday night’s dinner.

I was going to link to my blog post about our trip, but there’s a bit of political ranting in there that some may not appreciate. So, if anyone is interested, you can find a link to it on my profile, and just click on the Oct. 2018 link.

And, a few porny CDMX food pics, for the hell of it.


Loved the blog post, mc. But then I am an unreconstructed 60’s lefty. And somewhat cheered by it after watching our main nightly news review programme last night where the reporter had been interviewing Republican supporters in VA who seemingly without question thought things are going well on the western side of the Atlantic. Reporter seemed ever so slightly incredulous. FWIW, it’s all fucking depressing on the eastern side.

As for dinner - cauliflower cheese. Cauli is cut into large florets and simmered till almost cooked. It’s then mixed with a cheese sauce. We use a powerful “category 5” West Country Farmhouse Cheddar. That’s one of our cheeses that has European Union Designation of Origin status (and your guess is as good as mine whether we’ll still be able to use that post- Brexit - my guess is no - all the hard work of craft producers over recent years will be down the fucking pan.) Topped with breadcrumbs it goes in a hot oven for a little while to finish off. With some new potatoes and a bit of leaf salad, it’s usually a vegetarian dinner but we’ve a few bacon rashers to use up so having those as well.


thank you, my like-minded, lefty friend. :kissing_heart:

cheesy cauli sounds great right about now… and the rashers just gild the lily!


Last October meals, veal liver. Tuesday night with the reduced sauce of onion/rabbit/cider, I added a bit of vinegar balsamic, good with leeks.

Wednesday, this time a recipe inspired by Turkish cuisine. Sliced carrot, pepper, leek, and liver tartine, with fish soup.


Gosh, November already?! Well, this year I am free to enjoy the %*%+#^ out of preparing all sorts of good eats so I am a happy guy just shopping and stocking up on food stuffs for now. Our chaulkboard/pegboard is already loaded with recipe ideas from HOs. Decisions…

Tonight, we are dining in the car on our way to PA and the belated family Halloween gig. A touring picnic if you will of finger foods with a stop for java and baked goods as we hit my bros place. My nephew has been working in Vegas for the past year and is the only other family member who plays guitar well so there will be that to keep me busy and smiling. Celebrations include my bride has promised her famous blackberry pancakes for breakfast. Bro has the meat and taters covered. I will be on side dish detail and planned for mostly roasted veg and fruits to throw in some healthy options until the gang starts complaining for sugary snacks and booze.

Catch you all on the other side. Happy November! Rooster :sunglasses:


I join you in the deliciousness that is cheese and breadcrumb coated cauliflower. Great simple combo.


Wowser, that is one stunning collection of great meals. What do they say about a picture…lucky lady!

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Yep, you’d got me at that point, naf. Three ingredients that really go together.

Rabbit with cider is a great dish. And, in Mallorca, there’s a traditional dish of rabbit & onions.


Roasted salmon, Brussels with lemon pepper and coriander, butternut with Penzey’s Tsardust and Badia adobo. Salad with an extra sweet vinaigrette, which my babe enjoyed as “dip” for lettuce (that he chewed and spit out…haha…toddlers). We just keep offering, tasting, and praising.


After a long weekend away for vintage drag racing and then eating out last night it’s a bit of a scrounge for dinner tonight (I can’t stand the thought of eating out again!) I halved 2 acorn squash and tossed them in the instant pot for 5 minutes. While allowing a natural release of the pressure I sauteed a diced onion, added diced red pepper and mushrooms and once cooked mixed with a pre-cooked wild rice pouch I found in a cabinet. Seasoned with a little of this and that. When we’re ready to eat I’ll stuff the squash with the rice and veggie mixture and top them with brie before putting them in the toaster oven until bubbly. It’ll do the trick.

ETA: and I toasted the squash seeds for the top.


Lahma Bi Ajin (aka Middle Eastern pizza)

With salad. I make a batch and stash some in the freezer for a quick dinner, lunch or snack


@ saregama

Just wing it. Ground meat with my G’mother’s baharat spice mix, pomegranate syrup, ketchup and diced onions. Pressed on a “cheat” flour tortilla


Mac & cheese with ground beef and peeled and diced red bell pepper and jalapeños. Yes, peeling them is a pain. Three cheeses: swiss, creamy cheddar, aged cheddar. I love the crispy pasta layer that forms on the top.

Actually, we had this “dinner” for breakfast. We are expirementing with moving our carbs to the morning a few days a week. Dinner was fruit.

I enjoyed the rotelle pasta but some of my eaters must have elbow shapes, and small elbows (not the ones from TJ’s), or it is not Mac and Cheese.


Not sure if it was intentional, but I like how you skirted the whole Armenian/Turkish name debate.

Looks good!

After a hideous week at work it’s finally over. Supper was a tossed together meal of browned ground pork, added shiitakes, and shirataki tofu noodles. I poured a homemade fermented black bean sauce with a little chicken stock over the whole thing and simmer it down till thick. It looked horrible but tasted divine. Glass of white port for dessert.


The chipped fried russet potato , direct from Tule lake basin , Ca . Was the absolute star . OMG… Ran circles around the rest . Though kudos to the Heinz 57 . Wine to drink .:wine_glass:Cheers.


That sounds really good to me…!!

Are they a big improvement on the straight konjac noodles? I think I had the tofu “macaroni” once and it was…tolerable.