What’s for Dinner #39 - Nov. '18 - The Beginning of the Holiday Season!

(saregama) #545

Totally different

It’s ok, if you don’t have trouble digesting chickpeas you’ll be fine. But for indian cooking using any legumes, it’s pretty standard to start with asafoetida in the hot oil.

Grate some ginger in - that helps too.

(Dan) #546

Good to know, both why and how to maximize its inclusion. I see it at the market, I havent tried using it.


I’ve heard epazote is used in Mexican bean dishes for the same purpose. I’ve tried it but really saw no difference personally.


Asafoetida is not used in Pakistani cooking, just FYI. I’m the only one in my family who even has it in their pantry. I have it and my shrimp paste triple-sealed because the smell from those two ingredients bother them that much.

(Dan) #549

OH I def. recall its potent aroma. Ironic that is counters gastro upset😉


Is it also used as a sub for garlic?

(saregama) #551

Interesting. I wonder if it’s more prevalent in traditionally vegetarian indian cuisines where legumes are the primary protein source.

I hate the smell too… but it’s always in a covered container, nothing in the realm of shrimp paste or fish sauce :joy:

(saregama) #552

I’ve heard that it’s used for “meaty” flavor by vegans and as a sub for garlic/onions by certain religious groups (Jains for eg) but had never encountered it used that way until food boards…

(saregama) #553

It’s gross but super effective - internally and externally.

(Dan) #554

I’m going to take your word for it😉

(ChristinaM) #555

I made barbecue chicken tacos with cilantro slaw and guacamole served with brown-butter corn and peas.

Back to lighter eating after 10 days of travel!


soup: last of the left over turkey soup adding some left over giblet gravy and rancho gordo’s cassoulet beans.
main course: Seared D’artagnan’s duck breast with soy sauce, garlic, vinegar and hot pepper dip and gold potato precooked in microwave 5 minutes with EVOO, garlic powder, rosemary powder , salt then pan fried in duck fat
Vegetable: frozen mixed vegetables stir fried with garlic powder, soy sauce , S/P


Smoking my pork shoulder…

(Dan) #558

I wouldn’t.


Had to work a bit late last night before taking the train back to nyc- miraculously had a bit of extra time before my train and discovered about all the train station food options that weren’t fast food were closed. At 8:30pm. As a new yorker i was baffled.
And the Pret was out of any vegetarian sandwiches. Harumph.
Got an oatmeal raisin clif bar at the newstand and an apple that had seen better days but wasn’t half bad.

Tonight I just picked up some zucchini and tofu, wanted something simple after too many nights of delivery. Added soy sauce after the photo. And had some sesame sticks, kombucha a la carte.


Gratuitous photo of Kora, my favorite coworker as she was flopping over so i could rub her tummy!


Funny thing I did a shoulder on Thursday, as we were cleaning up the fridge on Monday, took some inventory and decided to make on Thursday and had the BIL & SIL over, then one daughter and one son on Friday.
Thursday my engagement in the meal was to only carved the roast, wife made white saffron rice and a lentil & potato stew with basil, a side garnish of red onion, cucumber, cilantro and Roma tomatoes with evoo & lime juice.

Friday night the youngins’ want the meat sautéed, crisped up and stuffed into pitas with chopped cilantro, bean sprouts, cucumber, chopped Roma tomato…sort of a hybrid Banh Mi.


WHAT??? No Goldfish?
Don’t you keep an emergency stash?

(saregama) #562

Love the leaf-wrapping!

(Dan) #563

Leaf wrapping? Where do you find that?

(saregama) #564

Looks like banana leaves - usually available fresh or frozen at Latino and indian markets