What’s for Dinner #39 - Nov. '18 - The Beginning of the Holiday Season!


Ooops! Bammy, not plantain.


Just returned from the in laws in Alabama. Wifie returns tomorrow. Flour tortilla’s cut into wedges and crisped in the m’wave with some hummus I made last week is dinner

Whiskey and cigar for dessert while watching football

(Dan) #444

We have holiday company until Mon morning. Dinner was a last minute kinda thing. Sausage pepper potato and egg subs with melted mozz cheese, beer and cherry soda floats. Heading to the movies in a few. Enjoy your wknd.



I went through a couple over the years, love this one from Oxo which is really sturdy and comes with several blades. You have to must also order a cut proof glove at the same time and use it, using the hand guard thing is practically impossible i swear…


Sad salad here tonight, didn’t want to deal with going to the good grocery further away from me but the cucumber i bought at the nearby not great market had apparently been semi frozen at one point… augh. And ick. So just lettuce and some olives with dijon vinegrette and some everything seasoning. Had the other half slice of the seriously unattractive turkeyless loaf on the side- i’ll spare you a photo of that!

It’s a toss up what dessert will be- either a few mandarin oranges or a honeycrisp with almond butter and my tea


Making a stock with the goose carcass. Vegetable with ditalini elbow pasta soup . Mostly vegetable. I am having a exorcism from butter . From laundry to scented candles . :joy: wine to drink :wine_glass:Cheers

(saregama) #448

I have a Kyocera one that was on my Christmas list but it’s the wrong one… just bought an Oxo adjustable single-blade one.

I had one with blades that switched out a long time ago, but I never used it because it had a home that it had to be retrieved from and put away to.

I bought a simpler one this time so it can stay “out” - I might actually use it…


I have a little plastic green kyocera I slice my cucumbers with for my thai salad. Works great . Think I paid around 8 dollars for it

(saregama) #450

Took chinese fried rice and veggies to a friend’s tonight. They had made soy sauce chicken with the yummy green sauce. Nice break from turkey. Tomorrow I’ll finish the turkey soup and make easy turkey curry and that will be it for leftovers.


Some belated turkey pics from Thanksgiving. I salted the bird for 3 days as usual, brushed with butter, and roasted upside down for about 45 minutes and then flipped it and continued roasting until it hit 165 in the white meat area. 18lb turkey. It wasn’t as good as last year’s. I have been getting BN Ranch heritage turkeys the last few years prior and they usually turn out great - very juicy and flavorful. This year my local grocery store wasn’t carrying BN Ranch (not sure if they are even being sold anymore after they were bought out by Blue Apron), so I got one from a different producer instead. I also may have overcooked it a bit as the white meat was a little dry. Still pretty tasty though, and the dark meat was pretty juicy.

Also here are some pics of some uncooked sides because I forgot to take pictures after they were cooked :sweat:

Stuffing with Chanterelles:

Green Bean Casserole:

Used Alton Brown’s recipe for green bean casserole (more or less) for the first time, I thought it came out pretty well. I did use French’s fried onions rather than making my own though.


(ChristinaM) #452

I like our Börner v-slicer a lot. Use it daily.


My Benriner mandolin, I have 2 sizes, has fulfilled the vast majority of my needs. I have a Bron SS mandolin which I rarely use. A good mandolin is not essential but a good tool in the kitchen

(Jimmy ) #454

We had the trad Green Bean Casserole for our Thanksgiving dinner. It turned out wonderful. Del Monte must have had a great harvest this season. :yum:


I have a Kyocera single blade which I use regularly and a Benriner with 3 blades. I love slicing carrots into threads especially in Vietnamese cooking, but find it quite hard and dangerous.

(ChristinaM) #456

Totally agree. Carrots are too hard to slice safely. I prefer one of these julienne cutters


Great idea! I think I once saw it in a Thai store, will get one!


What the what?!?!! Amazing. And brilliant.

My family has no green bean casserole tradition and we do love green beans, so for xmas a few years back i made the from scratch version from the ATK cookbook, and also used french’s onions for the topping- we really loved it!


It was surprisingly “warm” today, about 50! Got in a nice bike ride through central park dodging idiot suicidal tourists with selfie sticks (note: when bike is ringing their bell it’s because you are in the middle of the road!!)
Packed up everything ready for my stupid early morning tomorrow and the train to philly…
Wanted salad for dinner (had a great everything bagel that was still warm with tofutti for late brunching) and picked up a bell pepper since the cucumbers were probably just as bad as yesterday.
Added the rest of my olives and the last handful of random blueberries that needed to be finished.

Also polished off this bag, these are SO good!!

Kombucha a la carte


I need to get a small, hand-held version. The julienne blade on this Oxo grater set works well on carrots. It motivates me to make bibimbap occasionally. My De Buyer mandoline doesn’t work well at all for that.


My family never had the green bean casserole tradition either, but my daughter loves it, so I made it this year. I used Whole Foods’ canned fried onions (they’re also gluten-free), and they were really good and less salty. I also used some in salads which was a nice crunchy addition.