What’s for Dinner #39 - Nov. '18 - The Beginning of the Holiday Season!


Smoked on the Stōk kettle grill and reverse seared.


The goose.


Those potatoes with butter. Oh for crying out loud.

(saregama) #425

We had almost the same thanksgiving meal we do every year: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, Brussels sprouts and chestnuts, plus two types of gravy - brown and white. Berry crumble and pecan pie for dessert, with vanilla ice cream and custard to choose from.

Looking forward to leftovers, soup, and more!

(Dan) #426

I promised my family that I would put the phone down and I got busted twice by Aunt D trying to capture the kitchen prep and holiday feast.

Needless to say, the Rooster clan et al pulled out all the stops. Our holiday table included a few folks from CA that I owe my career to who would have spent the day in a hotel and they managed to enhance our table with great stories and song. Spirits lifted all around.

Meal included whole fish, turkey parts, taters of every hue, rice chestnut stuffing, mini pineapple boats, roasted veg, plenty of warmed breads, sweets and booze. Then around midnight we toasted my folks with a bon fire and a turn at stories so the youngins will remember them with smiles instead of sadness.

As holidays go, I was so happy to be home with good people, good food and golden memories.



I think you captured the true spirit perfectly!


wow, what beautiful colors and compositions, and tastes, too, I’m sure!

(Jimmy ) #429

I looked up that recipe. To me, it’s worth doing–at least once. Thinking…just might be a stand alone dish with maybe drop biscuits as a side. :joy:


The real reason for cooking Thanksgiving turkey: sandwiches!

I had half of one late last night, one for lunch and will have another for dinner.

Seeded whole wheat bread, layer of dressing, cranberry sauce spread atop, thinly sliced turkey, fresh ground pepper, thin schmear of Dukes on the last slice of bread. Firmly press for easier eating, slice into triangles.


Today I cooked…it was my day-after Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner.

Yesterday I dry-brined a Shady Brooks fresh turkey breast with salt, minced fresh thyme and minced fresh rosemary and roasted it today.

Sides were Sour Cream & Chive Mashed Potatoes, Mom’s Glazed Carrots (what she used to call Tzimmes, but I understand are not exactly what most would call Tzimmes…so they’re glazed carrots now!), and Goodhealthgourmet.com’s Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pomegranate and Pancetta. I went with the schloopy canned cranberry sauce vs. making my own. Mostly because it’s a small can vs. making a large batch of cran-orange relish.

The turkey was incredibly moist, and the skin was nice and crispy, and the gravy was just right. Oh, there WAS wine.

Dessert will be a slice of an apple tart I made this afternoon with a scoop of Trader Joe’s Golden Caramel Swirl in French Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream.


Thanks! I actually ended up writing out my “recipe” for the salad for one of the guests who was really into the salad :joy:




I got my oven to light!! Which may or may not have included blowing on the pilot light as it was clicking clicking trying to catch. Probably not a long term solution!
I decided to bake the stuffed turkeyless roast i had picked up from trader joe’s, it’s been a few years since i last had it. It’s basically flavored seitan, which i like in small amounts but I couldn’t finish this fat slice. Tasty crust to the outside and a lot of black pepper and herbs to the seitan. I could use more stuffing. Gravy was added to my plate.
It’s hideous!! I wrapped the other slices up really well and most are in the freezer.

Some leftovers from salad making yesterday as a side, with a very generous amount of pumpkin seeds!

Kombucha a la carte

(ChristinaM) #435

Casual appetizer party at SIL’s tonight - I got a big jar of Castelvetrano olives, Brie cheese, party mix, ginger beer, grapefruit vodka, rosé, spicy dried sausage, and made spinach dip with crudite. My SIL put out additional cheeses, fruit, crackers, Hawaiian rolls, and tater tots. MIL brought wings and tenders. I made snickerdoodles earlier today with our niece. Good times.


We kept the theme going last night by making sandwiches with the leftovers. We spread olive tapenade and cheese between sliced Samoon (a diamond shaped bread from the wonderful Baghdad Bakery close to Raleigh), along with chicken, crisped chicken skin, fattoush, and baba ganoush. I even put some rice and freekeh in mine just for kicks. Pics are on the other phone, I’ll try to post later.

Holy cow, @meatn3, you didn’t tell me how good the persimmons are here!! I can’t get enough. The neighbors a few houses down have persimmon trees in their backyard.


Hanging head in shame as she is striped of her ROFA (Raleigh Official Food Ambassador) status…

Which is actually ok since the dry cleaning bills for keeping the uniform sparkling were killing my budget.

I haven’t come across any although I have heard this climate is good for them! Hope the property owners put the fruit to good use.


Breakfast with the in-laws.

Eggs for the yanks, saltfish and ackee, fried plantain, breadfruit, and spinach standing in for

At the airport, heading back to California.

(saregama) #439

Salad looks wonderful! You reminded me to buy a mandoline…


Anything without butter in it . Lol


Haha, no worries. My family had got some for me from the farmer’s market. I was fighting with the kids to eat them. Try some if you see them at the market.