What’s for Dinner #39 - Nov. '18 - The Beginning of the Holiday Season!

(Dan) #462

Ah dinner for two ( I love company…I also love quiet). Planning a baked salmon, mushroom risotto, citrus salad and wine.

Dessert. I baked a short batch of blackberry walnut rugelach I had frozen ahead in three diff shapes just to give it a try. Even at 30 mins per batch the crunch wasnt there. Tasty but not crisp. Longer oven time they would have burnt. Need more practice.

(Jimmy ) #463

Your photo really “pops”!

(Dan) #464



Have salmon bellies on the smoker. Brussel sprout stalks in the CSO. Brussel sprouts ready to roast

Charred eggplant dip with homemade tortilla chips easing the hunger. Taking it one dish at a time


Oh man, despite the fact that mandolins freak me out (even with the glove, the guard, everything…) that looks awesome enough to make me want to brave it… at least until the first major accident.


The brussel stalks were a real treat. The salmon, well like fish candy. Hint of sweet but not over done.


Need this on a t-shirt or bumper sticker!

(saregama) #469

What is this an acronym for?


Cuisenart convection steam oven


Makes for easy wow factor salads especially if you’re aware of how you use color for the salad. I never thought i needed one and got mine as a gift maybe five years ago, now can’t imagine not having it. Cut proof glove is legit cut proof.


Well, certainly not as pathetic as a box of TJs lentil soup over here tonight…! Vegetarian friendly (read not Philly cheesesteak, not the chicken place and not a chain like applebee’s) delivery options are verrrrry slim, especially after 8pm- aka when i left work.

Ordered from the Mediterranean place again- a greek salad that had feta although i asked to leave it off, but the amazing olives made up for it, just glad i was cautious because there were pits inside!
They need to give people a heads up on that.
Side soup has veggies and lentils and they promised was vegetarian (i can taste chickeny broth and believe him its veg)
Lots of sad pitas on the side which get better after a dunk in the soup.


Szechuan salt and pepper pork stir fried with some asparagus and red pepper that needed to be used, with a generous amount of sliced garlic, dried red chili pepper and scallion and a splash of sesame oil. The pork was “marinated” in a dry spice blend of salt, black peppercorn, szechuan peppercorn, garlic powder and star anise. This was very tasty along with some brown rice. Will go into the rotation to be adapted with the random vegetables on hand.

(Dan) #474

I’m thinking…Quiche in a hashbrown crust with citrus salad and roasted tomato. It’s on the chilly side of Tuesday afternoon weather and all I’m in the mood for is comforting food, an endless loop of tunes and my gals arrival home.

Make it count,


I tried this a handful of times. I never could achieve the crispness of the crust that I imagined. Have you made this before? Would love tips on how to pair that hashbrown crispy exterior/creamy interior with a quiche!


Nippy and chilly today. Dinner will be turkey wild rice soup. Thinking onion or leek, celery, dried celery leaves, mushrooms, carrot or parsnips. Rich stock already made seasoned with bay leaf. Will probably season with lemon thyme to brighten. Maybe a pinch of sumac. I’ve met my quota of sage!


I would think you would have to make the hash browns separate from the quiche and then lay on top when both are finished.

(ChristinaM) #478

What about “blind baking” it til crispy first?

(Dan) #479

I spray a square 8x8 glass pan with Pam add a bit of arrowroot to the preshredded bag of potatoes once fully defrosted. The potatoes get flattened into the base and sides of the pan and crisp in a 400 oven for 10-12 mins while I make the quiche batter. Hot out of the oven, pour the batter into the pan and bake at 350 until firm. Allow baked quiche time to rest and then it should slice and slide out easily.

Tips given to me
Use store bought frozen shredded potatoes
Prebake the crust just to hold the shape
Dont over fill with batter you can always add toppings to a slice.


Rule of thumb; assume olives have pits unless proven otherwise.

(Dan) #481

I just bought sumac last week. Thxs for the inspiration.