What’s for Dinner #39 - Nov. '18 - The Beginning of the Holiday Season!


It’s a ponytail plant, and before this, Finny left it alone. He’s still a jerk cat. But he’s been forgiven.


This is heaven to me. :heart_eyes: But it sounds like your “instead Thanksgiving dinner” is going to be a wonderful twist and a very tasty one - enjoy!


Thanksgiving Dinner with Mom went very well. The home’s cook did a very good job with the bird - it was moist and delicious.

We started with some shrimp cocktail (a hefty horseradish taste to the cocktail sauce!) and a flaky biscuit with butter,

then turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and mashed squash.

Desserts were a choice of pumpkin, apple or pecan pie - I went with apple, but forgot to take a picture of it - it had a very nice crumble topping instead of a top crust. Sister got some French vanilla ice cream instead of pie and gave up a small scoop to both Mom and me to top our slices of pie.

A good day, and Mom seemed to enjoy having me, my sister and my BIL there with her.

I poured myself a glass of wine just a little while ago after I prepped a turkey breast I’ll make tomorrow. I can’t NOT cook a Turkey Day dinner! So it’ll be Turkey Groundhog Day for me tomorrow. And for you, because I’m going to post more turkey pictures. LOL


That is so nice that the facility encourages a family celebration.


The meal looked fine. How about the everyday meal? Hope they have a cook, not just cantine type freezer reheat food.


I have one at home too. My cat shows no interest at all.


My next door neighbors had an early celebration at home before they left to join family for the evening meal. They gave me a plate with sweet potato casserole, ham & quiche. Another plate had a generous piece of what looked like a brownie. I had the quiche for lunch. The sweet potato will be added to my supper. I brought the brownie upstairs for a snack.

I moved the brownie to a chair since I needed the the work table to prep some canvases. Turned around to wash my brush off and saw the circus cat scotching something across the floor. Yep, it was the plastic wrapped brownie covered with kitty saliva and perforated with little tooth marks.
So, no brownie for either of us. Jojo was not a happy camper.


One of my side dishes getting ready . Just measured out a pound of butter. LOL. For these potatoes in the pot . :grin:


Wow…!! What a feast!


Sounds like a lovely way to celebrate with family :))


Robuchon potatoes??


Yes . Go big .


Put my veggie prep skills to good use today! My mandolin and cut proof glove were getting a workout.
Toasted the pumpkin seeds

Tossed the thin sliced fennel (lots of it) with celery and nappa cabbage which i like to use because it’s tender and crunchy and won’t get soggy. Dijon heavy vinegrette with lots of black pepper

Added in diced asian pear, lots of sliced radishes, fennel fronds, chopped celery leaves, and the pumpkin seeds! Wrapped it up and brought all of two blocks away to my friends’ Tday celebration

Amazing assortment of sides plus a turkey and roasted salmon for the pescatarians. Among the dishes were a hasselback style roasted butternut squash, roasted beets with pistachios, brussel sprouts and grapes, mashed sweet potatoes, rainbow carrots, baby potatoes with lots of dill, and cranberry sauce and stuffing

My plate! Wine not pictured, glass was refilled more than once :smile:
Apparently didn’t get a photo of desserts- there was a cheesecake made from scratch brought from a friend i have known through these friends for years, and new friends brought an apple crisp that had a layer of custard…(??) apparently a bristish recipe- so fun to have four brits enjoying their first ever american thanksgiving with us. I had a taste of the apple crisp thing which was delicious along with my coffee and an intense discussion with my favorite six year old about his lego battleship :joy:
A lovely way to spend the afternoon, i’m so grateful to have such generous wonderful friends


They have an everyday cook. I’ve had several meals there, and they’re usually well thought out.


It wasn’t the plant. It was the lacy small tablecloth I had that seemed to fascinate Finny. He hooked his claws in it, and just started pulling. I’d come home a couple of days before the dumping to realize the plant had moved a bit on the table. He just decided that morning to pull the entire thing down. Jerk cat. LOL


Dinner was roasted turkey, dressing, giblet gravy, green bean casserole, cranberry/orange/ginger relish, sweet potato casserole. Just realized I forgot the white wine…I think that can still be remedied!

Turkey is broken down, leftovers are in the fridge, two crockpots going for the stock, the last of the pans are soaking til morn.

The circus cat is quite fat and happy. After his attempt at dessert he settled for the strained bits from the giblet/neck stock. Later he had the assorted nuggets left on the cutting board. He seems to think there may be more. Silly boy!

I’m definitely feeling fat and happy. Will divide , vacuum pack and freeze the years turkey supply tomorrow. Stock to be canned on Saturday. Turkey must be the most cost efficient protein. I get at least 30 meals out of a 10 lb. bird when all is said and done.

Grapes with tea later!

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Catered Syrian feast. I got to meet the chef, but there was unfortunately a language barrier. The meal consisted of fattoush, baba ganoush, cucumber yogurt salad, freekeh, rice with raisins and nuts topped with chicken and lamb. It was excellent, just what I wanted. The baklava was very good. I think it was made with clarified butter. One was enough, but in a good, satisfying way.

Everyone’s meals look great! It’s making me miss turkey. One of the neighbors here was frying a turkey when we arrived. I wish it was halal turkey, I would’ve invited myself over.

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Looks excellent!


Cook one when you get home!

What a feast!