What’s for Dinner #39 - Nov. '18 - The Beginning of the Holiday Season!


On the plus side you get to postpone the massive pile of dish washing!

So far I’ve washed 3 loads and broke 2 fingernails…:unamused: The horror!


Yeah, my BIL usually does that. But since he and my sister will head up to their cabin in Maine on Friday morning, I’ll have to wash my OWN dishes. The horror! LOL


Our usual Thanksgiving tradition tomorrow- lie to the inlaws and tell them we’re going to my parents out of state. (We’ll see my family around Christmas/ first of the year. No one in my family is hung up on anything having to be ON the actual holiday or that it has to be about the holiday at all.)

I got a smaller prime rib that I’m going to cook on the charcoal grill so I’ll do some sweet potatoes while I’m at it. I have a Stōk grill so when the roast is resting I’ll use the wok insert to cook some wild mushrooms. If the man wants something sweet there’s still smores fixins leftover from closing weekend at ElMirage.


HAH! They’ll get the closest thing to turkey - I made overnight chicken stock in the crock pot, and there’s minced chicken and mashed carrots for them over the next couple of days. But Finn’s on my shit list right now, as I came down this morning to a dumped plant and a ton of paperwork I had on a side table now all on the floor from Finn pulling on an old lacy mini tablecloth I had covering an ugly oak laminate table. Jerk cat. And I need to put together a side table I purchased awhile back to replace the ugly laminate table.


We call that a catalanche.


I suspect it was that rainbow toy that made Finn started all this. But wait, that grass like plant, cats like to eat them?! No? At least mine adores that.

(Ailsa Konzelman) #388

Oh man, I can’t own a single plant with my cat.


Thankfully easy travel tonight from philly to nyc! The office closed early but that just means we actually got a lot accomplished this afternoon.
The coffee stand in the cafeteria building had soft philly pretzels as the special snack today- dunno why they’re a weird not pretzel shape…??
Called this my train dinner with a side of smuggled breakfast fruit and a seltzer.
Pretzel was good! Nice chewy exterior with right amount of salt and soft innards.

No cooking for Tday here! I’ll be with my favorite six year old’s parents and friends tomorrow, I’m in charge of salad so just a lot of chopping and a last minute run to the store for produce in the morning


Pretty much every Thanksgiving for many years now, someone comes over and we cook, cook, cook, uninterrupted, from morning to evening. I love it! I re-visit all the new recipes I’ve learned that year, plus try a couple new recipes. It’s a special time where we set aside 3-4 days to just enjoy our favorite hobby.

This year, though, we were planning to go to a relative’s place for the holiday. I was a bit sad I wouldn’t be able to cook, but we had promised the kid we’d visit her aunt. They had to cancel (sad story), but then another of the kid’s aunts invited us over. So we’re headed to North Carolina (Raleigh area) for a couple days. I’m actually excited because we’re having an interesting twist for Thanksgiving dinner. A refugee who was a chef back in Syria is catering our dinner! And on the way back we will stop by my favorite bakery in the whole wide world – namely, Sub Rosa in Richmond, VA!

We actually skipped dinner today in anticipation.

(saregama) #391

I know what you mean about loving it! But what a lovely twist to your holiday - hope you post pics and/or descriptions of the feast!


Oh good! I thought about your train trip when they were talking about travel issues on the news tonight, especially after the issues last week in the north east.


I’m in Raleigh - be careful driving. News today say troopers will be placed every 20 miles along the interstates to catch speeders. Same with I-85 in in Virginia. I swear that state is funded completely on money made from speed-traps along that highway.

(ChristinaM) #394

FIL made homemade spicy Italian sausage sliders with provolone, peppers, and onions. Step-grandma’s strawberry-rhubard pie for dessert.

We siblings baked Dorie’s apple-spice bars for tomorrow, to be glazed before eating.


Have fun. It’s great the extended family is close enough that you can see them several times a year. Little ones grow and change so quickly!

(Dan) #396

Dinner was airport pizza and a beer until we tucked inside a warm house already smelling of good eats for tomorrow. Scotch was poured, guests rooms filled with fine people from CA and now Im reading 27 comments in HO cue with a big smile.

Best to you and yours,


Thanks for the warning. I’ll be sure to relay it to my other half, haha. Wish we were staying longer than 2 days, I would definitely have tried to meet up with you.


Safe travels!

(ChristinaM) #399

Thanks! We travel about halfway across the country each time, but it’s worth it :slight_smile:

(ChristinaM) #400

Huge T-day feast cooked by FIL, MIL, and extended relatives. In good Midwestern fashion, there were salmon salad and ambrosia, tons of pies, a relish tray, deviled eggs, and plenty of casseroles. FIL knocked it out of the park with his smoked and broasted turkeys.


I :heart: LOVE :heart: it!