What’s for Dinner #39 - Nov. '18 - The Beginning of the Holiday Season!


Probably generationally as well I grew up on the potato hard boiled egg , but with white onion chopped very fine, as a Saturday lunch component… I know there was some chicken schmaltz or vegetable oil added , depending on the other plates (kosher) but and still absolutely loved it and still make it today.

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Yum! I love lots of egg with potato salad!

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Healdsburg Pinot? Papapietro Perry by any chance? One if our faves…

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Dear wife put together Lasagna for a B’day dinner for Son #3 tonight. Crusty rolls from Bommarito Bakery as a go with…


I had all the other sides to prepare . Brussels sprouts, potato .But ended up with a T bone cooked on a cast iron griddle. Heinz 57 on the side . Wine to drink :wine_glass:Cheers


I looked for giblets today for my Thanksgiving giblet gravy - only chicken livers were available. Had hoped for some gizzards too. I am NOT stepping foot near a grocery tomorrow…

I don’t need all of the livers for the gravy so used some for a cheaters version of dirty rice. Sliced tomatoes on the side. And a very greedy circus cat wondering where his serving was!


Wasn’t a test run, Phreddy, as I won’t be cooking either Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners. Will be spending the meal with my Mom at her assisted living facility. I’ll make my own turkey dinner on Friday. Just no appetizers. :slight_smile:

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I forget the name, but that doesn’t sound like it. It was cheap and tasted like malbec. Meh.

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Last night the FIL made teriyaki salmon, seafood fettuccini, and steamed broccoli.

Tonight SIL made pulled pork on rolls, cole slaw, and potato soup. Forgot a pic.


Last night was an ultra fast broiled salmon with mustard and brown sugar, leftover mixed roasted carrots, potatoes, a stray leek and radish, and sauteed kale. Likely the last CSA dinners of the year. Does anyone participate in a CSA? I split a share this year and am squarely on the fence if I should do it again next year.


Looks great! Just curious why you’re on the fence for getting a CSA next year. Every year I think about getting one, and I don’t. Not sure why…I think it’s that I live in the SF Bay area, and fantastic produce is available everywhere which I’m too lazy to buy? It’s a mystery!
Have a happy Thanksgiving.


My hesitation on the CSA is for a few reasons. One, the drop off is on Friday nights which isn’t ideal. We usually are out and about and I don’t do a ton of cooking on the weekends. Secondly, we got a large amount of bitter greens and radishes for weeks on end. The farmer had a very rough season. Lots of terrible weather, loss of staff and broken equipment so I suspect that he gave us whatever he had. On the plus side, I really enjoyed getting a variety of things that I typically don’t buy. I was happy to support a local farmer. I have a couple of months to think about it. Price wise, I think it is a competitive deal for organic produce. I did a half share but a whole is about $700 for 24 weeks.


Wishing you both a wonderful day. Hope the facility provides a delicious meal! You seem to have such a nice relationship with your Mother - she raised a great daughter!

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That sounds like the spirit of the holiday spent with family, wherever it may be. It’s so heartwarming to hear about everything you do with your mom. May we all be so lucky in both directions :two_hearts:

Happy thanksgiving!


Happy turkey day!

I bet most of you are very busy cooking a feast. Well we don’t have Thanksgiving here. But it’s nice to watch all the exciting food.

Tonight WFD, hubby bought home some ramen from his way back from work.

A few meal from the last few days.

An improvised Shakshouka: onion, can tomatoes, dried tomatoes, sausages, paprika and egg (a bit too cooked, I got too absorbed by the news on tv while cooking :persevere:).

Another improvised dish, savoury waffle with melted gorgonzola, mozzarella, dried and fresh tomatoes, anchovies, coppa…

We ate out at a Chinese joint Autour du Yangtse Saturday night. Some pretty good Xiao Long Bao.

Intestine stared fried with pepper and chili.

Monday was steamed seabream with ginger and served with a fish soy sauce and chopped chive.

A traditional flan/custard tart bought from a hot bakery called Du pain et des Idées in the 11th district. Husband ate half of that, no kidding!


Your meals always get me so hungry! Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. It is a crazy time of year and the busiest week for grocery stores. Probably one of the busiest days for police giving out speeding tickets too!


Dinner tonight will be tacos since I found a little container of meat/beans while going through the freezer. That will use up the last of the sour cream and some cheese. Making more room for leftover turkey!

In preparation for tomorrow I made dressing, cranberry sauce (delicious this year), eggs hard boiled for the giblet gravy, green beans prepped, compound butter for under the turkey skin.

Still contemplating if I want sweet potatoes…

I canned the perfect amount of turkey stock last year. Had enough for gravy, soup and pot pie during the year with leftover frozen turkey. Had 2 jars left - one for the dressing and one for a head start on the gravy.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! :poultry_leg:
(You’d think there would be a turkey icon…)


Yes there is!

BTW, the French didn’t copy the Thanksgiving. But the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, they copy exactly! LOL!


Everyone’s baking and preparing good stuff for tomorrow.
But I’m not since I’ll be eating with Mom tomorrow.

Yup, Cooking Pity Party, Party of One. :disappointed_relieved:

So no pies or cran-orange relish from me today. And no homemade turkey and mashed taters tomorrow. I won’t be cooking until Friday, as I can’t let this holiday go by without a proper Thanksgiving meal that I’ve prepared.

So tonight you get a picture of cream cheese scrambled eggs with Aleppo pepper, bacon, and toasted/buttered English muffin.

I did have a half glass of wine. So there’s that, I guess.

A very happy Thanksgiving to all who are enjoying this food fest holiday.



Not true, you have your lovely companions! The kitties would like some turkey, if you don’t mind!

Have a great day with mom!