What’s for Dinner #39 - Nov. '18 - The Beginning of the Holiday Season!


No way to let this feast stop!! Lovely meal.

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Creamy smoked chicken ww rotini with bacon, peas, Parm Regg, and acorn squash. Leftover cuke salad and yellow squash.



Crab cake and simple arugula salad for dinner



Mom had a very good day. :heart:
Then some retail therapy with my sister.
Then my happy place, Wegmans.

Dinner was Wegmans’ local-caught seared sea scallops with a lemon-wine sauce and lemon zest and minced thyme sprinkled on top, basmati rice and asparagus.


It was a good day. :heart:



Welcome back, @MAH. Always glad to have more join at the WFD community table.



That sounds freaking AMAZING, i adore those mushrooms!

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I was craving all of the green things today, yet can’t buy too much fresh produce since i have this weird back and forth schedule now. Settled on a half a cabbage and made a bit of slaw with vinegrette and some red bell pepper, generous amount of black pepper, grated part of a sad carrot and a few thin slices of zucchini. Let it sit in the fridge a while to get more tender. A few random olives on top.

Also had some zucchini i just quickly blanched and topped with crazy salt, totally boring and yet exactly what i wanted.
Had a few meatless balls while cooking the zucchini and kombucha a la carte


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that’s a perfect dinner.

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omg those sausages are dreamy!

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Recipe from Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees tonight - Red Cooked Pork. I was generously gifted this book and this is my first foray into it - I chose one of the less involved recipes - lusciously fatty pork belly braised in a delicious soy/sugar/star anise broth. Jasmine rice, smashed cukes (a fave around here), and some long bok choy I sauteed with a little sesame oil, ponzu and oyster sauce (meh).

i have more pork belly i only boiled so that’ll make an appearance in different form soon.

But i did it! I stopped cooking Mexican for a day!


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delicious, interesting post and subbed to your blog post. a very productive use of my time. thanks, maria

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thanks! back in london now. funny how we throw something together and others think it looks amazing. i don’t know about you but i would love more dinner invitations so i can check out what others put on the table. seems it’s not so fashionable any more and i start to feel like nora ephron… throwing oh so chic but humble dinner parties. anyway, i am enjoying your blog. here’s mine - www.slightlyweird.com. we share a love of good food and a dislike of you know who.

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those sausages! i’m having some for dinner but they’re garden variety types. swap?



:yum: Why not, sausages are always good!


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All that’s left by the time I remembeted to take a photo are a few sweets. We enjoyed samosa and sweets for a few visits with family and friends. Turned up at a neighborhood block party for an endless buffet and later loaded the freezer with roti, paneer, limes, asst nuts and basmati rice ftom the market.


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It’s been a busy few days for military historians - even amateur (more or less) ones like me. I’ve given four talks this week to local groups - ending with one in the village, where we’ve commemorated Peace Day (that actually took place in 1919 but we thought we’d try and replicate it now. Apart from a history walk through the village, there was also my talk and we ended serving afternoon tea in the church hall - sandwiches, scones and cakes, - as the village day in 1919.

As for dinner tonight, a Nigel Slater recipe for salmon curry. A sauce made from chopped onion, chilies. mustard seeds, turmeric, ground cumin, ground coriander, chopped tomatoes, tamarind paste and coconut milk.

We’re having it with roti. And aubergine pickle (bought) and cucumber pickle (homemade)


(Dan) #219

Tonight dinner is a big salad with the usual market fixins. Romaine, baby spinach, cooked beets, cukes, purple cabbage, avocado, sweet potato, roasted red peppers with lemon vin dressing. Wine and a long night stroll with my lady.

Have a relaxing Sunday,


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nice! thank you! i read a couple of your posts - how do i subscribe?


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thank you so much!