What is the use of this butter tool?

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A question on the delicious day recipe link:

What is the tool used for butter? Looks kinda like a milk frother.


I guess they got creative cutting the butter?

I was thinking about that too. Or maybe to mix the butter in the cream or milk?

I’m going with sauce whisk aka spiral whisk.


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It looks like it’s slicing soft butter…? And like in the lower right there are already sliced pieces of butter.

I’m sure you’re right. It’s being used to incorporate butter into some nutmeggy milk, and has been pushed down onto a lump of butter to break it up some.

What’s being made should really be the question! Some form of bechamel I expect. Does moussaka include nutmeg?


Looks like it is useful for whisking sauce with small quantity of liquid compared to a “ballon” whisk. Does anybody have it? Like to hear your opinion on it.

Yes - béchamel for Moussaka usually has nutmeg in it.

I remember back in the day people used to like to make fancy butter to put out to slice for the bread at dinner. That looks like what this may be with the slices showing at the side. My ex MIL used a butter curler.

I have a couple of these:

Not quite the same, but used all the time for salad dessings. They’re first rate.

I’m going to agree- my mom had one and I always thought it was a whisk.

The only butter tools that she had were these two wooden paddles with ridges in them to roll nice butter balls. Not that anyone does that kind of thing anymore.

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Thanks, now I am convinced, I think I am getting one given the price. I will also try to see if it works as a matcha whisk.

I guess it is used to “soften” butter from fridge.

It does look like a sauce whisk - which isn’t really used for butter . . . so I wish we could see the tool in action. Some photographer could have just used it for visual interest instead of it being an actual butter tool . . . but who knows?

I do have a sauce whisk (never used for slicing butter) and it works great for pan sauces and mounting butter into pan sauces. I’m not sure if it works better than a flat whisk though for pan sauces. It does work well for whisking small amounts of salad dressings, cream, etc.

I don’t know what it is, but it looks a lot like a cocktail strainer I have. I’m not suggesting that it’s a cocktail strainer, but making butter sticks may not have been its original purpose.