What is the Santa hat replacement thing supposed to be?

It looks like a potato masher.

We’re trying to figure that out over here, too.

Given all the guesses - I’m going with a Roman candle that will go off at New Years.

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What is that picture of a little post thingy next to our avatar?

All I can think of it means “post”? @naf, I think you’re an Admin? Can you assist in deciphering what it is? I do have to say it looks a bit rude. LOL


There was a lot of chatter about this on another post. From what I can deduce, there were santa hats on every avatar but some people complained since plenty of people don’t celebrate Christmas. It seems like the consensus is that it is an old christmas stand? Like this: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Wooden-Christmas-Tree-Stand-For-7-5-8-5-Artificial-Trees/52041016

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Got it. Yeah, probably not the smartest thing to put Santa hats on everyone’s avatar. Not sure if this is exclusive to HO or if it’s the platform model, but how about letting US choose if we want it or not? Even a Christmas Tree stand doesn’t make sense, as again - not everyone celebrates Christmas.

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Right, exactly on the Christmas stand. I could be totally wrong and it is something else? But then I am really puzzled about what it could be.

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Haha, you have been thinking too much.

LOL, no not really, keep on guessing.
It’s a joke from sck…

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Its funny - I access the site through my phone 99% of the time and it doesn’t show there - so I had to log on via my computer and now I can see it - no idea what it is, but now I know what everyone is talking about.

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On my phone, I didn’t see it too. Like you, only on desktop.

I think it looks like a potato masher. Festive!

How about an empty paper towel holder?

Rugged sword with built in stand?

Target for buried treasure?

A candle in an old black and white movie? possibly in an old black and white cartoon?

Nope for all. :wink:

Apparently there is now a thread for this - though it seems it is being discussed in multiple locations.

Yes, lol. Started by me.:wink:


Nice try, but no.

A Chop Stir?

Wow, didn’t know this exists, looks exactly like this thing.

Maybe @sck should give some hints?