Top Chef Kentucky

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Just watching now. I liked how Padma hugged Kelsey because she was tearing up about leaving her new born.

Just finished. I am sorry about who went home and happy for who won. need to watch LCK.



Isn’t missing your child usually a harbinger? Or maybe SAYING you miss your child. Which in this case was quickly followed by “I’m not going!”, or something like that.


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Yes, actually. The person who misses their child usually gets to PYKAG that day. But not so this time!



Big thanks for last week’s link. Here is week 2:

We went to Chef Dave’s restaurant on Saturday night and it was incredible. We basically ordered the whole menu and I am still thinking about it. The next day Heirloom Kitchen was hosting a dinner with a few of the contestants. We saw Joe Flamm hanging out having dinner with the other owner.



From the Power Rankings

" her grandma was “a shaman for one of the most violent tribes in Mexico.”

Come again? I have so many follow-up questions. How do they even decide the most violent tribes in Mexico, anyway? Is there a US News & World Reports ranking of the most violent tribes in Mexico? Don’t leave me hanging here!"

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That’s exactly what I was thinking!@ In fact, I immediately looked it up. Nada.

( * this emoticon feature lets you pick other colors, but it doesn’t work. What a tease!)


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What is the Santa hat replacement thing supposed to be?

I can’t seem to find Last Chance Kitchen for Thursday December 20th. Anybody seen it?



I haven’t seen it yet. They seem to post it a few days later on OnDemand. I would look again over the weekend.



Okay…but it’s not on either?!?. Not like I care or anything.

NVM found it on Bravo. Phew! Spolier . Obs.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Breakfast



I’ll look later! Thanks

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Thanks for that link - I am loving the handicapping there



First half of Restaurant Wars on the books. THREE restaurants of four cheftestants this time vs. two.

One team seems unbeatable - but you know as soon as they show that - they’re beatable. The other two teams don’t seem cohesive either, so at least with the prep leading up to service, it’s a crapshoot. Either a FOH goes missing, or someone on the line isn’t finishing up their prep in time, putting them into the weeds before they even start.

And it’s a double-elim. Dun-dun-DUUUNNNNNNN!!! Will be interesting to see how this plays out next week.



Lin-da! Lin-da! Lin-da!



Minor Spoilers

Am I just crazy or forgetful? I didn’t remember the teams having to actually set up the dining space in the past. Did they just edit those bits out? Maybe it’s never caused time management issues before, but it seems to be asking extra drama for all teams to manage this extra task this round in addition to the usual food, prep, expediting, front of house dilemmas.



I was thinking something similar. I thought that they were also given an extra day. One day to fully prep and prepare the dining room and the next day to do service. To do everything in one day seems insane/



I seem to remember regular restaurant wars set up drama.

Here is this week’s power Rankings.



Wow; how tall is hair guy two? (Brian?)

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They now have a design team to do the full set-up, but the decision still has to come from whoever the EC is, I believe (or maybe the FOH?)



Restaurant Wars Part Deux was a shit show, to say the least. I knew (or hoped) one of the chefs would go home for their utter lack of organization. I wasn’t sure of the other, but it made sense.

I can see one of the booted chefs doing well in LCK. Don’t think the other will survive.




Tom said…“16 restaurant wars; this one the most…???”…
Going to have to re-watch.

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