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Minor Spoilers

Am I just crazy or forgetful? I didn’t remember the teams having to actually set up the dining space in the past. Did they just edit those bits out? Maybe it’s never caused time management issues before, but it seems to be asking extra drama for all teams to manage this extra task this round in addition to the usual food, prep, expediting, front of house dilemmas.



I was thinking something similar. I thought that they were also given an extra day. One day to fully prep and prepare the dining room and the next day to do service. To do everything in one day seems insane/



I seem to remember regular restaurant wars set up drama.

Here is this week’s power Rankings.



Wow; how tall is hair guy two? (Brian?)

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They now have a design team to do the full set-up, but the decision still has to come from whoever the EC is, I believe (or maybe the FOH?)



Restaurant Wars Part Deux was a shit show, to say the least. I knew (or hoped) one of the chefs would go home for their utter lack of organization. I wasn’t sure of the other, but it made sense.

I can see one of the booted chefs doing well in LCK. Don’t think the other will survive.




Tom said…“16 restaurant wars; this one the most…???”…
Going to have to re-watch.

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LCK had two parts!

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In the first few seasons, I seem to remember the chefs shopping for everything - including dishes and cutlery. Now they have pros come in and deal,with concept, etc.



Just re-wathced season three (I know…) and I think they were actually mopping floors, hanging pictures and the like. I think they did have a consultant that had also been a diner.

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He must have meant difficult for the chefs I guess. I thought he meant for the judges to decide at first, but the one team was having such a frustrating time it should have made decisions easy.

I’m not sure I cared for this round of restaurant wars. While it’s insightful to see the work that goes into planning, ticket management, communication, and stuff, I felt like the food got last billing this time.


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Famous last words from Casey - “Let’s get some smell-goods.” Big no no, Casey!!!



Yeah; not something I would have thought of, but that seems like a pretty bad idea.

Lots of Bourdain in these early seasons!


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Nothing is supposed to interfere with the food. So flowers on tables should not be fragrant and servers, etc should not wear fragrance.

I loved Bourdain as a judge - he made me laugh. And I used to love to read his judge blogs when they used to have them on the Bravo Top Chef site.



Tom said…“16 restaurant wars; this one the most…difficult.

(not sure why quote didn’t work)

This was the most cryptic statement that I can’t believe the producers didn’t make him elaborate on.

What does that mean?

Difficult for the chefs? (because there were 3 restaurants so reduced staff)
Difficult for the judges? (because it was all horrible - or all good - or too many variables)
Difficult for production? (because they had to film and track 3 restaurants)
Difficult for the diners? (because they had to wait so long for tables)

What does that mean Tom?



My answer is YES.



I agree it was probably some of all of that - but the ambiguity and lack of follow-up makes me wonder if it was as much a dig at production (if not more at production) as it was as the contestants - thus the edit.

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I think he might have said it more than once. I guess nobody blogs on the Bravo site anymore. Tom’s last was four years ago.

Here is the Eater recap

One from Courier Journal that uses the word “toughest”.

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