What is the Santa hat replacement thing supposed to be?


A cookie press. A sex toy.

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Easy there tiger this is a family friendly site !!!

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Hey, I didn’t design that thing!

A CD spindle. A shamrock doing a faceplant.


Teeball stand from when you would whack baseballs off of it as a kid. Earring post.

Never in a million years would I guess a Christmas tree stand. What definitely doesn’t make it an Xmas tree stand is the giant cylindrical column. There is never a huge column since trees are all different sizes. The base holds the tree, as seen above, and you hand crank the bolts into the tree stump.

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And you’re cold again…


Perhaps a hat rack for the missing Santa hat?!

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**@sck Has Authorized me to offer a free months subscription for the first one who accurately guesses what this is. For those of you who guess and get it wrong, you will have to pay $ 9.95 next month. You can make your checks out to NotJrvedivici and I will make sure your account get’s credited!!!

(yes this is an obnoxious joke**


Oh what about those gadgets you mix cement with?

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A hurrycane

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I thought it was a candle. That works for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, non-believers who just like the house to smell nice, folks who lose power during the winter storms, etc.


Temporary sign post?


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And did anyone else notice it’s not standard? Some are leaning left, some are leaning right, some are straight up. Maybe a hint of hot/cold?


Maybe it’s been nipping the eggnog?

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God knows the longer this post goes I will be!!


OMG - wait . . . it is a festivus pole!

Festivus - for the rest of us


Ha! We might have a winner!!!

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If that’s the correct answer, I am impressed.



Thimes wins!!! Nicely done my friend. If this isn’t the winning answer I declare it a winner in my book