What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?


McDonald’s used to have veggie burgers (Gardenburgers) maybe fifteen years ago and bailed on them, supposedly because they didn’t sell. Which I can well believe - the only time most vegetarians would be trying to eat in a McDonald’s would be in the situation ElsieDee is talking about - on a road trip, probably stuck on some turnpike (Ohio Turnpike is the one I remember, but I think it was the dreaded Taco Bell that had the monopoly) where the state has sold McDonald’s the exclusive restaurant option.

Wonder what they think has changed about the market since.

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Ugggghhh actually its worse, they are going vegan!!!

That’s where I really don’t trust them. Most vegans I know (ok I only know 1) won’t touch anything if it shared a place with meat, cheese or fish. So this is where I have sincere trust issues for vegans in trusting the employees.

@ElsieDee and or any other vegetarians, did you eat fish? Was the Filet-O-Fish an option? That’s some good eats there! Also didn’t Burger King have a veggie burger for awhile?


Vegans are, in general, more strict about cross-“contamination”, I think. (Note: this really is a generalization!) I know many vegans who won’t touch/wear leather, eat honey/gelatin/sugar, drink certain wines or other alcohol, etc. And I know a number of others who shrug and adapt without it being a big deal.

It’s been my experience that the reason behind one’s choice to be vegan (nothing from animals) or vegetarian (no animal flesh - some will eat eggs and dairy) greatly influences how stringent one is about the dietary choice.

There are those who choose it for religious or spiritual reasons, or concern for the environment, or concern for animal welfare, or for health reasons (to name a few - and there is often overlap).

I know people who identify as vegan (no animal products) but who will eat eggs if they come from hens rescued from battery farms; I also know vegans who adopt those hens and, if they’re still laying eggs, feed the eggs and shells back to the hens to replenish calcium (usually before a surgery that stops the hormonal/egg laying cycle and extends the bird’s life).

Which brings to mind a CH discussion, about the Field Roast brand of meat substitutes. People were talking about the different Field Roast products and someone posted, in what I remember as a lather, about how anyone who was vegan wouldn’t eat Field Roast because of the fat/carb/calorie content.

That person assumed the reason people ate vegan was due to health - completely oblivious to the idea that there were other possible reasons.

For some time yes, I did. Now it’s extremely rare, though.

Technically I think I fall into the “pescitarian” group, but personally identify as an opportunistic vegan (I will default to the vegan option when available, in other words, but won’t raise a stink or pout if there is not a vegan option).

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Didn’t McDonald’s start offering a veggie burger in India a few years back? I wonder if that’s still ongoing; maybe they think they’ve learned something from the experience.

As I recall thinking when I read about it, it sounded like a variation on a Bun Kabob which is a Pakistani sandwich with a vegetable patty (mostly mashed potato with maybe some mashed chickpeas, onions, etc.) served on a typical hamburger bun with sometimes typical hamburger fixins.

I’ve had them many times at Paki places in Houston and prefer them to a Gardenburger type patty (but maybe the application of Chat Masala influences that preference).

I do like a black bean burger.


Food from A&W (and a really great local hoagie/grinders shop near it) helped get me through college in Riverside,CA. But that was a very long time ago.


I can’t say there are any that I love. My fast food stops are usually quick pit stops while traveling by car or a quick/cheap snack to keep me from making hungercrazed grocery purchases if I’ve not yet had lunch.

That said, I like Sonic for the cherry limeade. Drinks are usually half priced in the late afternoon. If I’m craving a sodium/fat/heart attack their mini sized chili/cheese/tater tots hits the spot.

If I have time and want a half decent burger it’s Five Guys. If I’m in a hurry it’s McDonalds 'cos their fries are the best of the bunch.

The rest are regional:

Chick-fil-a for the basic sandwich with pickles. Their sweet tea is perfect for fueling a long nights drive.

Bojangles for breakfast biscuits. Smithfields for bbq or fried chicken but they take about the same amount of time as Five Guys - semi fast food I guess.


I’ve had a surprising number of non vegetarian things show up in my vegetarian meals over the years (so when i asked if the soup was vegetarian the server didn’t think the bacon garnish counted?) so there’s just a certain level of risk eating out anywhere. ((Sigh))
I specifically avoid veggie burgers at omni restaurants because i’ve had too many that taste like meat grease.

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The Deli in Herndon is incredible for subs!

We moved from NOVA ten years ago, and even here in the Boston area I can’t find anything that matches their Italian. Anyone visiting the Dulles area should check it out!


I grew up in the Boston area so I was really surprised by The Deli. It beats everything else by a long shot. They have a sub called ‘The Mad Italian’ which is a sub eaters dream come true!

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Popeye’s chicken, their nuggets are the best :slight_smile:

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So much love for Popeye’s


How would you guys compare the chick fil A nuggets to popeyes? I haven’t tried popeyes yet.


Popeyes (and Bojangles) are spicier than Chick-fil-a. Popeyes is greasier than Bojangles. But the redbeans and rice was good at Popeyes last time I tried them!


I went with friends to popeyes, once, and apparently the red beans and rice are made with lard!! Or they were a few years ago anyhow.


I would be very surprised if that has changed.

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I hope it is made with real lard (100%).
Edited: I mean. Not hydrogenated.


Not rendered lard but some kind of cured & fake smoked pork fat:


Their cajun rice contains ground up chicken gizzards too! (I mean that as a good thing!) And their gravy contains ground chicken gizzards and smoked pork tasso.


Dirty rice traditionally used chicken gizzards and/or livers. Sometimes pork. Ground beef is a more modern variation.

Much of traditional Southern food was vegetables seasoned with meat (usually cured) or fat. Meat as a stand alone dish was not common. This continues to surprise vegetarians! If it’s a Southern restaurant or chain based in the South the cooked veg probably has some form of meat.


And that’s why, as Chemicalkinetics eloquently put it, “So much love for Popeye’s”

They could be taking a lot more shortcuts but they’re not.

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I like this – like you said “a good thing”. The more I hear about it, the more favorable Popeye’s becomes.