What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?

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Anthony Bourdain loves In-N-Out Burger, and David Chang loves Domino’s.

What common Fast Food chain do you love? Any?

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A & W Root Beer! I always have a small root beer float and a cheeseburger with pickles - heaven!!!


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Thanks. I didn’t know about A & W Root Beer.



People are going to laugh, but I do get myself occasionally a Chipotle burrito with black beans, extra white rice, grilled chicken, medium salsa and corn salsa lettuce with a few dashes of the Tabasco chipotle chili sauce.


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Chipotle sounds kind of high-end. :grin:



My last time in an A&W was at least 20+ years ago.

After a couple of weeks of travel and gorging on the great food, I was CRAVING American food.

Coney dog and orange drink quenched the craving for the time being. Back to our regular scheduled program of transpacific eats.


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Official Moderator Business

As you may or may not be aware, I am a moderator on this site. Due to your offensive post, I will have to suspend your account for 30 days. ANYONE who admits to liking a Chipotle burrito is in direct conflict of the TOS of this site.

(to anyone reading this it’s a joke…we do not discriminate against anyone’s tastes, please don’t be afraid to post your secret fast food loves, you will NOT be suspended)


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CK, you weren’t aware of the product of A&W root beer, or you weren’t aware they had food establishments?

Along the same line I’m an old school fan of Stewart’s Hot Dog’s and Root Beer.

Roy Rogers (their recent attempt at a come back failed in my old hometown :disappointed_relieved:)

Jack In The Box - I can’t say I really “Love” them, but they left NJ in like 1980 so I remember them from my youth, then I remember them being poof gone! I just want to try them again.

Pizza Hut & White Castle are both sentimental to me from my drunken youth. I haven’t had Pizza Hut (pan pizza only) in well over 10 years and White Castles I will still occasionally try, but they do NOT agree with me anymore. :sweat:

Habit Burger - is my most recent “adult crush” on fast food places, simply for their lettuce bun and fried string beans.



Five Guys for burgers
Popeye’s for chicken

For subs it’s The Deli in Northern Virginia. I can’t stand most fast food sub restaurants. Small places are the best.


(For the Horde!) #10

I know about the root beer. I didn’t know about the food establishment.

About the Roy Rogers, yes, just read that the Route 1 one (near Edison?) is shutting down. White Castle is still pretty cute and novel to me. I don’t think I have been there more than 3 times.

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I hardly ever go to A&W, but if I did, this would be the reason:

I can’t get them anywhere else.

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I love those chick FIL a nuggets.

Fries go to mcd.

And for you NJ folks, windmill cheese fries and hotdogs are on my rotation eventhough they are overpriced.


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I’ve recently become a fan of the fries at some of our local Greek places. (Greek Eats for one, have excellent Mediterranean fries…sorry non-NJ peeps) It’s really all about the seasoning vs. the actual fries themselves.



Popeye’s, especially the $2.50 leg and thigh special on Tuesdays.

Do Costco hot dogs (Polish, actually) count?


(Gwenn) #15

I love Arby’s - the roast beef, original size with horsey sauce. Also, 5 guys burgers. I still need to try Smashburger but I know I’ll love that too!



It certainly does count, especially when you ask for a container of sauerkraut.



Two, please!

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Maybe I will post a review of Chipotle on 4/1.

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No more polish and no more sauerkraut at the Kansas City Costco stores, just hot dogs now.

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(Andrea) #20

Another vote for Popeye’s, with Buffalo sauce. That’s some goood chicken!

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