What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?


I gave up on their red beans and rice after many good reviews and multiple tries.


The strips and nuggets taste different at chic fil a and I prefer the strips by a wide margin.

I find the strips at Popeye’s just ok like their chicken and I like Church’s better but insist on a fresh batch.

Give PDQ a try if you have one in the area. I’m not a big sauce guy but theirs are made fresh in house daily and are delicious.



We have a PDQ but I have not tried it.

As a teen I loved Popeye’s. I probably lived on their red beans and rice. I moved to Bojangle’s country about 25 years ago and there were no Popeye’s. Now I find Popeye’s just too greasy and prefer Bojangle’s. Popeye’s red beans and rice don’t seem as good as I remember from the '70’s. But it’s a moot point really since I eat at one so seldom.

(Andrea) #124

What’s the fake part? Just sounds like bacon fat to me …

(For the Horde!) #125

Just guessing. Maybe fake as in not real smoke, but smoke flavor. I know a lot of people call barbecue with liquid smoke as fake.


I really want to try Bojangle’s and there was an article in a Houston paper a couple of years ago that they were coming but it never happened.


I think their strongest point is their breakfast biscuits.


Not a criticism of Popeye’s…just trying to be truthful that although it’s not hydrogenated refined lard it’s also not “hardwood smoked bacon drippings”. I meant fake smoke, not fake fat or fake pork.

And as you say, I agree it sounds like commercial bacon fat since lots/most commercial bacon uses “natural smoke flavors”


It’s always tasted liquid smokeish to me with a weird texture and dried out rice. I’ve given the beans and rice enough chances and will never order them again.

(Jimmy ) #130

I honestly don’t know why I do this to myself…

I was out running errands midday today. Was hungry and found myself in a Fast Food Wonderland. Had my choice of Del Taco, Wendy’s, Leo’s Coney Island, Tubby’s Sub Shop, Seeburger Cheeseburgers, Mickey D’s and the King. I drove four miles out of my way to a White Castle!

$6.86 later I had a Two Double Cheeseburger Combo in front of me. Had the thought before even pulling the beef boxes apart: “Jim, you are truly a dumb f*ck!”

Fast Food Price Creep is truly frightening.


I’ve started to hit a grocery deli when I’m in that situation. I can often get a decent pre-made sandwich for $3. Publix has half subs for $2.50 which are big enough to hold my appetite until I get home. Many grocery stores will make sandwiches to order too. I feel like I’m getting more for my money and being a little healthier.

(For the Horde!) #132

I don’t know. I probably would have done what you did. White Castle just seems more interesting than Mickey D and King.


I always tell my husband “that one with the pickle”, and lately, with lettuce instead of the bread.


Del Taco :taco:.
was the worthy alternative.
Although I’ve had plenty of White Castles

(For the Horde!) #135

I don’t think I have never had Del Taco. Is it better than Taco Bell?


Very much so, to my sensibility.
But they’re a hamburger stand/taco stand
so not really the same as Taco Bell.


I wish there was a del taco near me!

Any fans of those chik fil a nuggets? (Actual breast meat and not ground up.) I love those things. I’m lucky the only one near me is stuck in a mall which I can’t stand going to, so I hardly get there.

So what’s everyone’s white castle record? I honestly don’t know as I’ve had some “interesting” nights there. I’d probably say 14-15 or so. I’ve done ten many times and it seems like a good idea going into it but it never turns out to be a good idea lol


I think just about anything is better than Taco Bell… I really didn’t find any of their food appealing. I did try it decades ago, and blah. At least McDonald’s has good fries!

Does Bonchon count? Most Korean fried chicken is like crack for me. I’m so glad it’s not really easy for me to get to, cause I’d be eating that probably every week.

(For the Horde!) #139

Not true. Taco Bell is far better than Chunk E. Cheese.
Bonchon is not fast food, man. The double fried chicken takes longer than a regular meal. :slight_smile:
Love Korean Fried Chicken. I slightly like Boom Boom more than Bonchon though.
Have you tried BBQ chicken? They use olive oil to fry their chicken (claim to be healthier)


Ya but Chuck has beer, just don’t eat the pizza.

Wanna hear crazy, Long John Silvers in Houston had beer in the 70’s, ice cold dark Bud + perpetual 90’s in the Houston summer = who cares what the fish tastes like, but it was better back then.