What Fast Food Chain Do You Love?


I saw a commercial for Arby’s Bourbon brisket sandwich last night. Has anyone had that?


Ours was a seriously dumbed down mini version :confused: now i feel ripped off!! I feel like i would have been VERY into that as a kid.


I recall a few sad bean soft tacos from an unfortunate road trip through bumblefu*ky towns. I am certain there was a lot of ketchup involved. They didn’t have any avocado back then.


I’m sorry but that ad makes no sense. Steak, beef and chicken with “Kentucky bourbon “ bbq sauce. Mutton and Pork seem to be missing in action.


I have no clue. I had a “few” brews in me last night and I saw the commercial. It got me craving brisket. I haven’t been to Arby’s in probably 3 years to be honest. I just know I like brisket, bourbon and onion rings so it seemed tempting lol. The combo seemed good on paper.

On a side note, there is a local spot making cherry moonshine BBQ sauce. This stuff is good! I should see if I can ask the owner and send you out a jar. In return you can send me out one of those west coast ciders or western sauces :slight_smile:


On the topic of the world’s shittiest buffets, does anyone remember sizzler?

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Careful where you tred now CJ, I was a cook at the Ponderosa (sizzler copy-Cat) in the Ocean County mall circa 1987.

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I do remember Sizzler… I don’t think it is dead yet.


We still have one in Medford. I’ve never been.
Shit, we’re getting a NEW Ihop, a 5 guys, a Cracker Barrel and more in a new lifestyle center. If it’s passé everywhere else, we’re bound to finally get in on the hype 10 years later.
Life in a backwater has its advantages.

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Cracker Barrel is interesting.


We’re the midway point (sort of ) on I-5 with a tremendous amount of traffic, but people here think small, no grandiose dreams for the most part. We’re isolated and thrive on it. :slight_smile:

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I-5? We have a I-5 here too. Anyway. I was introduced to Cracker Barrel when I lived in Georgia. It has its charm as a chain. Certainly more interesting than Applebees or Outback in my opinion. I can imagine myself driving out just to have a little Cracker Barrel. I won’t do that for Applebees.

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I have family from rural Virginia so as a child visiting grandma meant a trip filled with deeply fried foods and vegetables. With that said Cracker Barrel’s do offer a taste of that childhood experience(s) for me. Their country fried chicken, steak, chicken n dumplings, fried oakra and collard greens are all welcome reminders of grandma’s cooking.

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This is the one for me. I have never had a Southern fried okra until I went to Cracker Barrel.


We always stop for food in Ashland (though I miss Munchies!) - been a few years since I’ve made that run north, though. Recall Greenleaf deli being good.

I had excellent Indian in Medford, but not at a restaurant: rinky-dink hotel off I5, middle of the night, last room in town kind of deal. Walked into the lobby and a couple of members of the family that owned the place were eating. I’d not stopped since maybe Redding, not eaten since Sac, and was famished. Offered the men $20 for a plate of food and they delivered. It was amazing!


To each their own of course - but I’ve always thought Taco Bell was disgusting. How can the sauce be simultaneously clumpy with day-glo orange grease, and yet acridly acidic at the same time? Horrible. Of course any taco truck anywhere has a superior taco for 2 or 3 bucks - but if we’re talking chain fast food Jack in the Box tacos were the best bet as I recall.


When one’s vegetarian, and on a road trip, it was a safe choice some 20 years ago; times have changed and there are more options now.

That said, I’d happily try their food again.

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Interesting…similar to the new vegetarian burger that Mc Donald’s is coming out with (maybe it’s already out??) I would have issues trusting a meat based fast food place to prepare anything vegetarian. I guess depending on your level of strictness to your abiding by a vegetarian diet, I just don’t trust the workers.


There is an element of trust, yes. At least with the 7 Layer Burrito, it was not supposed to contain meat - not like asking them to leave it off - so if they were following the assembly/instruction card, in theory it was safe.

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That does look tasty!