What cookbooks have you gotten / added to your wish list - 2022

I’ve got Thali from Maunika Gowardhan from the library to take a look.

Interested to see how she delivers on the concept of how most of India eats on a daily basis vs. the way indian food is consumed outside the country. (I think for a lot of people it might be similar to my experience the first time my Chinese roommate cooked for us - eye opening vs the way I had always eaten Chinese food at restaurants - both in manner of eating and in the food itself.)

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One of my big food revelations was to go to one of those “secret” supper clubs, run by a woman of Punjabi heritage. Just how different the food was from the Anglicised “Indian” restaurants - even the good ones at the time.

Taking up the book’s title, I’m a fan of the thali, but very few restaurants here offer it. One of our favourite places offers it on two nights a week, so its those nights that we go.


Just picked up The Flavor Equation by Nik Sharma and Koji Alchemy by Umansky and Shih – have had good luck with a few recipes from the former and just started my own miso batch!

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I got that book when it came out and made the garlic soup many times. Haven’t for decades though. I should go back and try it again.

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I just came upon that book yesterday at a small bookstore I shop at each year while on vacation. Please update with what you think about it.

I just got White Heat 25. The added story telling is wonderful. The recipes and photography are superb and have aged exceedingly well.

It was my birthday and this has been pre-ordered for me. Also got Snackable Bakes. I can see that this will become one of my favorites. Now for more bookshelf space.


Sharing this for anyone interested and because I’m seriously considering getting this.
The Kiev International Culinary Academy has released a cookie ebook and the cookies are stunning. They are currently offering it on sale for $14.90 vs original price of $49.

KICA Modern Pastry Academy shared a post on Instagram: "The most flavorful and crunchy recipe book we ever made, "The Big Cookie Cookbook," 🍪 with 25 foolproof recipes for your warm moments👨‍👩‍👧♥️.

Simple baked goods with fantastic textures, crispy...


My library has both" Flavors of the Sun" and “I Dream of Dinner.” I will likely end up purchasing both of these books. A blessing and a curse.

I have no willpower when it comes to good used book bargains. Today my mailman left me PLENTY by Diana Henry and THE GREAT HOLIDAY BAKING BOOK by Beatrice Ojakangas.


Semi-recent acquisitions include The Lost Kitchen (meh), Paletas, and All About Cake.

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The Spanish Home Kitchen - Jose Pizarro

House rules say that as this was actually acquired by Mrs H, then I am not permitted to open it until she’s read it. It’s currently #16 on her “books to read” shelf, so it way be some goodly while till I can comment on it.


Oh, that’s a mean house rule, Harters. Can you negotiate to purchase the book from her, use it, and (if she wants) sell it back later?

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That cookie book is no longer offered as far as I can tell, although the list of cookies included is still visible at the link and wonderful. Wish I hadn’t missed it.

'Tis a two edged sword.

She had to wait for Claudia Roden’s “Med”, Annie Gray’s “Kitchen Cabinet” and Felicity Cloake’s “Red Sauce, Brown Sauce”.

I reckon I’m ahead in the game as it stands. In the meantime, I have a stack of trashy crime novels to enjoy


Have had The Lost Kitchen on my possibles list for a long time. Interested to see your ‘meh’.
Was it just nothing new? Can you elaborate?

I quite like Cook As You Are!

I’m making my first dish tonight from Mezcla, by Ottolenghi protégée Ixta Belfrage.

On my to buy list for Autumn is Moro Easy and The Italian Larder by Theo Randall. His pasta book is great.

Recently acquired from the charity shop were Dominique’s Kitchen (she won The Great Cookbook Challenge fronted by Jamie Oliver) and Notes from a Small Kitchen Island by Debora Robertson. The latter’s writing is really fabulous.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was not familiar with Debora Robertson. After perusing a few of her articles, I adore her and can’t wait to read more.

I have seen the Moro books before but hadn’t paid much attention to them. Do you own any of the other books?

I got a new Samsung tablet, larger than my older Nook device, and have rediscovered more than a dozen new, uncooked-from, ebooks. I’m having fun browsing them again and remembering why each of these got added – that Chowhound ebooks-on-sale discussion was very effective.


Nothing really stood out to me like MUST TRY. The recipes are divided into seasons. Here are some examples of what she has for fall: sunchoke soup with creme fraiche and marigolds, fried rabbit with charred radicchio & mustard vinaigrette, and sweet nutmeg custard. For winter we have chowder of sweet clams with shallots & fingerlings, seared scallops & grapefruit-fennel salad, and ricotta fritters with custard sauce & preserves.

Those are just random examples. Do I think cast-iron chicken with roasted lemon & rosemary sounds good? Yes. IMO there are enough other recipes out there for such a thing that this book isn’t a must-have.