What cookbooks have you gotten / added to your wish list - 2022

Do you have your eye on any new cookbooks? What’s been added to your shelf (or e-book reader) lately? Are you once again enjoying in-person visits to bookstores, carefully previewing library copies before purchase, impulsively ordering online or (my favorite) randomly finding gems at garage sales?

It looks like there was a similar topic spanning 2019 - 2021 “Recent Cookbook Aquisitions”, if you’re interested in seeing some previous titles mentioned.


There’s also an ongoing ebook deals thread:


Just received a used copy of The Way to Cook by Julia Child. I was immediately drawn to some of the soups.

If anyone has a favorite recipe from this book, I’d be happy for the referral.


Thanks MTT I appreciate it

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Oh I have done a few. Will have to look them up but one that I made this Saturday is a basic crepes recipe

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I pre-ordered Kenji Alt-Lopez’s The Wok from Amazon and have had it for about 3 months. Haven’t cooked a thing from it yet! It’s huge, BTW…Anyone else?


I am so excited about Michael Twitty’s Kosher Soul…he is such a fabulous writer, I cant wait to try some of his recipes.


I got on loan from my library, an ebook. I read through it but didn’t try anything. Expired so I’m on the waitlist to get it again.

I don’t feel the need to buy it, even though I like Kenji a lot.

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I’ve only tried one dish from The Wok (also preordered it) so far - the Chungking pork. It was delicious! Definitely have others on my list to make, though.


Garage sale find (50 cents) the 2006 edition of Southern Living Cookbook. I commented “their recipes are always good” and the seller cautioned me “but not fast, or easy — some of those are complex”. First recipe that caught my eye was a bread recipe using graham crackers, for bread-machine. I think I can handle that one.

Pâtés and Terrines by Friedrich Ehlert et al.

I love pâtés and terrines as part of a charcuterie board and think it would be fun to make them myself. Hopefully this book is as good as it looks!


I have it but a bit underwhelming if you know Chinese cuisine (or have other Chinese cookbooks) a lot of recipes are quite similar in many other books.

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I was on the Kitchen Arts & Letters website recently and saw they had copies of The Loaves and Fishes Cookbook by Anna Pump. I’ve heard it referred to enough times I figured I might as well pick up a copy.

Recent acquisitions include Claudia Roden’s “Med”, Nigel Slater’s “A Cook’s Book” (which has soem new recipes but is substantially a rehash of previous), and Ruby Tandoh’s “Cook as You Are” (which will be quickly on its way to the local charity shop, once Mrs H has agreed that it’s a awful as I do).

I am in the midst of cooking through my cookbooks to see which will remain and trying not to buy anymore.
However, these deals were too good to pass up.
I purchased A Cook’s Book by Nigel Slater and
Dessert Person by Claire Saffitz at a discount shop.



I’ve had my eye on that one please let me know how you like it.


I’ve not yet cooked from Med but have read through it - looks great.

I got The Way to Cook in 1989 when it was first pub.ished.
I made the cream of zucchini soup, cream of mushroom soup, cream of asparagus and the French onion soup which is outstanding and still follow recipe.
Always follow temperature for prime of beef and the leg of lamb with the mustard coating is my go to recipe. The bacon and cheese quiche is good. I’ve also made the tart tatin recipe from this book and the madelines.


Recent gifts and acquisition
FRENCH PASTRY MADE SIMPLE by Molly Wilkinson instructions are well written and lovely photos.
MACARON SCHOOL by Camila Hurst. This book contains instruction for making macarons with the Swiss method but is worth its price for the fillings which can be used for other things.
MOONCAKES & MILK BREAD by Kristina Cho just received it from a friend. Excited about the master milk bread recipe and all its possibilities
60 CLASSIC RECIPES FOR NUTELLA by Gregory Cohen bought at costco. Grandsons love nutella
SHEET PAN EVERYTHING by Ricardo a french canadian chef. Nice recipes if you need a quick supper or dessert.
Hope this is it for a while.


I cannot recall the last recipe I followed from a cookbook. I just read cookbooks for entertainment and inspiration. A cookbook with a good narrative is a thing of joy. I found Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Nosrat, Les Halles by Bourdain, Beard on Bread, and Momofuku to be especially fun.