What are you making for the Jewish New Year's?

So here is Borky fresh from his nap.

He is literally fork tender

He will be swimming in his own juices as he cools off.

In the meantime roasting some beets and carrots

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Apples and honey

New Fruit

Roasted beets and carrots

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Home Made Latkes

Grating potatoes

Lightly fried till crispy and golden brown with fresh chives

In the Eifel and Cologne where my mom comes from these are also known as Rievkooche.

@Presunto may be familiar with the little stand right outside the main train station in Cologne that has the best potato pancakes in the world.


Borky is done

The sauce

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So here is main event. Borky, latkes, roast beets and carrots, and green beans


Looks great! Nice job!

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Thank you.

Borky was delishus. Not dry at all, moist, so tender, sauce was killer. Fell apart in the pan.

Gotta say the fresh roast beets were also awesome.

And I have all kinds of leftovers.

Happy New Year to everybody !


Rosh Hashanahdanah



Thanks for taking great pics of your cooking. I asked two different people to take pics here, but got nothing.

I ended up making a hybrid cross between a tarte tatin and an apple cobbler for dessert.


You are so welcome. I love a good brisket but it is a lot of effort. Rosh Hashanah is the perfect holiday to do one.

Hope you had a great holiday.

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That sounds pretty good. Let me know if you get to the Syrian bakery first, that place I gotta try.

So I know it’s not kosher and probably borders on the sacrilegious.

But I just had to do it.


Here are the toppings

I loaded this baby up with close to a pound of savoury juicy brisket.


Final assembly close to an inch thick.

This Portuguese sport pepper is going on my half as Helga would not approve.

The finished BRISKET PIZZA…


Yes Joon it would be fine. Pardon the sacrelidge here but chuck or brisket - it’s all really just pot roast. Beef braised low & slow with your preferred additives. Brisket takes a little longer than chuck in my experience but maybe because it’s usually bigger than your average piece of chuck. One caveat - the beef has to have enough fat to withstand the braise without drying out. Hence - round is not preferred although corned beef round can be very good.

So, just to bring closure to the thread, I broke fast last night at Sichuan Cottage with shrimp, cumin lamb, and ants climbing the tree. And now I’m waiting for my Frankie Fed’s sausage pie with house salad and house dressing.

Cooking is overrated :grinning:


There has been some wonderful archaeological work on medieval Jewish sites in Cologne recently.
https://www.timesofisrael.com/1700-years-of-jewish-history-come-alive-in-downtown-cologne/ I actually saw some of the work with a Yekke friend.

Speaking of archaeology in Köln, I understand that German Rail did not renew the lease for the Rievkoochenbude in front of the main train station.

This is a tragedy.

They used to go through 100 tons of potatoes a year.

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I’m a lapsed Catholic, but I’m always intrigued by Rosh Hashanah meals. I found this while looking for parsnip tzimmes.