What are you making for the Jewish New Year's?

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Speaking of your chowhound alter ego…

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So I’m a little late to the party here, but I finally found my brisket.

6.75 lbs @ $3.99 a lb at Livottis in Middletown.

I’m calling him Borkstein, Barky’s Jewish nephew.

Slow braise in the oven with carrots, onions and other goodies is anticipated.

Ok wait I have so many questions.

I had no idea Rosh Hashanah was Jewish new year. Why do you get your own new year? We Koreans have to share ours with the rest of them Asians.

I guess this explains why brisket was on sale for an absurdly low 2.79 at ShopRite last week?

What is “Jewish Trinity”? Who is Mikey?

Excellent pick up on that brisket @VikingKaj. BTW I think Walmart always has whole brisket for under 3 bucks.

Happy 5778 !!!

Yep. But not trimmed nicely as Borky was.

So here is Borky getting a tan on my Nathan Handwerker memorial griddle.

He was such a big boy he didn’t fit in a regular pan!

After his tan Borky gets a rub down with Knorr powdered chicken bullion, cracked black pepper, worcestershire sauce, Gold’s hot horseradish, and tomato paste.

Getting Borkys bath tub ready with his friends Mr Onion and ole Carrottop.

Borky in his bath with a little cranberry pomegranate juice to keep him soft and moist.

Borky tucked in in his blankie, ready for 275 degree nap for 4-5 hours.

Actually it’s Mikee and I have no idea who he was.


Ingredients: Water, Tomato Paste, Sugar, Salt, Onion, Garlic, Spices

If you want to approximate worcestershire, horseradish, tomato paste, bay leaf, fresh garlic or garlic salt, celery and onion come pretty close if you don’t have a jar handy.

It is a little more carmelized, so if you like that flavor you may want to try it.

Man now I really want some brisket. I’m a fan of the onion soup mix variety. No browning needed, just soup mix and meat, low n slow in the oven. Easy n tasty.

I wonder if it would be better if the same recipe was made with chuck. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be.

So here is Borky fresh from his nap.

He is literally fork tender

He will be swimming in his own juices as he cools off.

In the meantime roasting some beets and carrots

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Apples and honey

New Fruit

Roasted beets and carrots

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Home Made Latkes

Grating potatoes

Lightly fried till crispy and golden brown with fresh chives

In the Eifel and Cologne where my mom comes from these are also known as Rievkooche.

@Presunto may be familiar with the little stand right outside the main train station in Cologne that has the best potato pancakes in the world.


Borky is done

The sauce

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So here is main event. Borky, latkes, roast beets and carrots, and green beans


Looks great! Nice job!

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold