Rotating images orientation?

I see that the new code for image looks differently from the old html code with the recent modification of OS and server software. Is there anyway that we can change and rotate the orientation of the images by simple edit of code?

Or we need to download the images and turn them in some application and reupload them?

Example, a few errors in this post.

Do you mean it used to be rotated?

No, the user uploaded them like this. I know how to correct it with the html code. But recently the code change made it impossible.

How did you use to do it?

I know the software is using a new markdown language called Commonmark. Perhaps its just a matter of translating the old way to new way.

In the past with html, one could do it like this:

img id=“image_canv” src="/image.png" rotate=“90”

Never heard of this markdown language, I think it will be quicker to do it old school, dl the picts and rotate them in computer and reload them back to HO.