What are you making for the Jewish New Year's?

My plan this year is to simplify. I’m buying the soup and potato pancakes from a local deli. I used to make my spicy version of the latkes using a good amount of shallot and jalapeno but this year we have an older crowd and many of them just don’t do spicy, even at mere jalapeno levels.
This carries over to my choice of veggies this year. I’m just making strips out of zucchini and squash and panko breading them with a salt and lemon pepper seasoned panko. A good drizzle of olive oil and into the oven to bake/fry.
For a main I’m stuck doing my brisket with Mikey’s brisket sauce as several of the group would likely rebel if I deigned to make something else, but I will have a few chickens as well that I’m picking up from a good, local chicken roasting joint.
Any thoughts for dessert?

Our dessert table…

My wife is making mandel bread with walnuts and dried cherries and my sister in law brings honey cake.

It’s my great Uncle’s coffeecake that I look forward to most.

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Hey, have either of you guys been to this place?

Nahum Challa Bakery
268 Norwood Ave # C, Deal, NJ 07723
(732) 531-2911


Its in Deal so I’m figuring more Syrian than Ashkanaz.

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Wow, I must have passed by about a thousand times and never knew this place was there. Think they’re open today? :innocent:

My guess is not so open today.

Barky ?


I wish. This is just the flat cooked in foil in the oven with the Jewish trinity and two jars of Mikey’s.

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I was gonna do brisket and latkes, but trimmed brisket was $ 6.99 a lb at Foodtown.

Talk about your holy cows…

I get it from Costco , much cheaper, pretty decent. They come 2 pieces, Flat and Point. Take s 14-19 hours t smoke though

Thanks ccj that’s a good tip.

@seal where are you getting yours?

Meat n More in AP.

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Thanks, will be checking them out. Is that where you found Barky?

Nah. For the whole ones I just get em at Sam’s Club.

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The Costcos near me NEVER have point pieces, only flats. Drives me nuts as I much prefer the point (fatty). I get whole ones at Restaurant Depot instead.

Oh sure, the woman is a doll. Challah is very good there too. If the wife isn’t baking, we go there on occasion. Rugelach is also very good.

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What a beauty!


It was @seal 's, so I can’t take credit.

It was beautiful though.


Happy New Year to all my friends!


Don’t forget the annual tradition of saving the crispy ends for NotJr!!!


So now burnt ends are now diet food?


Need to put that Giants o-line on some kind of diet…

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