What are you baking? July 2024

What’s in your oven?

Black raspberry coffee cake.

I used this recipe and substituted unfrozen black raspberries. Added 1 TSP of cinnamon to the streusel topping, because cinnamon+berries is underrated.

black raz coffee cake


Savory mixed-grain cake (aka Handvo) with some cabbage this time.

Perfect with tea on this rainy monsoon evening.


Okay, not really baking, but we don’t have a “What’rya Fryin’??” category.

My son made beignets yesterday for me, him, his oldest sister and brother-in-law, and also his 2nd older sister who was visiting for the weekend (who helped with the powdering).

After the first one (which was a bit doughy in the middle) they all turned out great.

Question for any who make beignets - what is your dough consistency like once you’re ready to form and cut?

He used the same recipe he’s used several times, except halved it this time. It seemed a lot stickier than usual and was very hard to handle, so I suggested heavily flouring the work and dough surfaces, but he soldiered on fussing with their stickiness. This was after he read on Cafe’ du Monde’s website that the consistency should be fairly sticky, about like drop biscuits.

I’ve made a lot of drop biscuits and their consistency is more than just “fairly sticky” - usually they’re entirely sticky, not far off from a batter. And we’ve made beignets several times before without the dough being this crazy sticky.

I assume Cafe’ du Monde knows their beignets. What I’m wondering is if the person who wrote that line for Cafe’ du Monde knows drop biscuits.


I doesn’t have super-recent activity, I don’t think, but there is an ongoing thread for doughs and desserts that are not baked.

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trying to clear out freezer, so very unseasonal baking for team meeting: Dorie greenspan’s pecan and cranberry loaf https://www.ocregister.com/2022/10/25/recipe-cranberry-pecan-loaf-tastes-delicious-and-keeps-well/

I didn’t taste it since I don’t like pecans, but it was gone by the end of the day.


Sounds wonderful - love pecans and cranberries


Terrific pie lattice tutorial here from Erin Jeanne McDowell.

I might have to try a new-to-me lattice technique this weekend!


Hot pork pie from THE PIE ROOM by Calum Franklin. I finally got to use my pie dolly , and I’m really chuffed at how these turned out. Minced pork, chopped pork, bacon, spices and plenty of sage are baked in a hand raised, rosemary infused, hot water pastry crust. These are some work, but when the Big J’s reaction is “My God, these are good!” you know you’ve struck pie gold. It’s even better when one of the juniors, who I was fairly certain wasn’t going to like it, also gave me a Wow! This is good! Well, I had pretty high hopes, as the author runs The Pie Room at London’s Rosewood Hotel. Looks like there will be plenty more to come from this book.


I don’t eat pork, but that’s adorable looking.




Agree that those look terrific. If you’re up for the work, @LulusMom1 I’m guessing chicken thighs and turkey “bacon” (or smoked paprika) would sub in for the pork.


As long as the filling isn’t too wet, you really can fill the case with anything. This was an interesting challenge because I had never made or worked with a hot water, hand raised dough. You would also have to find an equivalent fat that works well because the pastry itself contains lard.


Thanks for this! I just ordered it from the library. Beautiful!

Classic July 4 treat – Chocolate Chip Cookies. We like the recipe from the Tollhouse chocolate chips bag, with half the amount of chips (1 C, , not 2) and half the amount of nuts (1/2 C. chopped pecans, not 1).

Just this morning my husband ate the last oatmeal raisin cookie from the (frozen since then) Christmas excessive bake (I’d miscalculated how many were needed for boxes to family and gift plates for friends). I’ll wait for a wistful request before I bake more of these - his favorite cookie.


Dish of the Quarter: Savory Tarts & Galettes


I made my semi-annual peach bourbon praline upside-down cake:


My little brother is in town for a VERY rare summer visit, and when I pitched dessert ideas to him, he was all-in on our nostalgic childhood treat of fresh strawberry pie. So even though the strawbs are no longer local, they were good enough for this :strawberry:


That’s some high definition 8k strawberries

A rhubarb and strawberry pudding cake my mum had clipped from a magazine. Local strawberries and rhubarb from the backyard made this delicious, even if I prefer rhubarb alone. Served with whipped cream.