SAVORY TARTS AND GALETTES - Summer 2024 (Jul-Sept) Dish of the Quarter

We had a tight race this quarter, but SAVORY TARTS AND GALETTES managed to edge out chilled soups by one vote to become our big winner! Thanks for voting - I look forward to pull out my springforms and baking along with you all.


This Smitten Kitchen burst tomato galette with corn and zucchini will again be on my late-summer meal list.


I’m forever taken with the idea of tomato tarte tatin.

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My family looks forward to me making that and her zucchini ricotta galette every Summer!

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David Lebovitz just published a recipe for a tomato galette in his free newsletter.

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In my Eat Your Books account, I have 78 recipes tagged “tomato pie”, including 9 for tomato tarte tatin.

Now I have 79 and 10…thanks!

EDIT: just read Caitlin’s post, so now I have 80 recipes for “tomato pie.”



But how will you narrow them down? :face_with_monocle:

I didn’t use my PhD to get an academic teaching job. I do use my research training to compare recipes and combine my favorite elements. It’s more than a little OCD at time but I enjoy the results!


I just saw this on my FB feed. I might try making it without the mustard.

( I’m not a fan of mustard in most things)