We love Cheese!

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I think I’ll give Stilton a miss for a few days.


lol … picked up some bc yesterday … not the entire wheel :disappointed_relieved:


The Secret de Scey cheese was a favorite. Its a ‘Morbier’ with pasteurized milk- rich and creamy.

Now, I’d love some real Morbier please.

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Unpasteurised Morbier is quite common where I am. Come to the source/the Jura/France one day!

I have been eating cheeses I’ve posted about before.


In general, we need some cheese lovers to run the Food & Drug Administration so more unpasteurized stuff comes in.

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Yeah, that too. The FDA decides what’s best for you.

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Aged Comté, finally, from my favourite market cheesemonger. The younger Comté has no crystals and the older one is very hard, natually. I used most of the young chunk in a pasta dish for lunch.

OK French cheeses to get me through the week.


Gorgeous cheese enticement!

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Thanks, Bear. No other food has my affection so completely! :joy::cheese:


Le Coulommiers from Saint-Siméon. After 1 week in the fridge, finally it was ripe and oozing. Not bad at all.

The mayor of Coulommiers has filed to obtain an AOC for the cheese and is still pending. The cheese from this place will be called Brie de Coulommiers instead of Le Coulommiers. Problem is since Coulommiers was never filed as AOC, there are many fakes cheese. I guess this is the reason why this cheese used a map to explain its origin.

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Nice. I hope that will up hold the quality and terroir.

A few cheeses I have been eating.


From Corsica


Double cream goat’s cheese.


Some are smelly. I have high tolerance for smelly cheeses.






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Got 3 new ones. Everything is smelly and lovely!

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Tant pis!


It has also prompted an outcry over whether the Canadian winner can properly be classed as Camembert, given that it is made with pasteurised milk, a practice French connoisseurs deride as a travesty.

Very good cheese is never made with pasteurised milk. If you taste both, you can instantly tell the difference, not the same depth of taste. The French industrials killed the Normandy Camembert by introducing pasteurised milk.


Feeling cheesy today. So got some St Nectaire, Petit Basque, and Chimay. I think I like the St Nectaire the most.


A month or two ago I really liked an ossau iraty. Unfortunately forgot to write down the details but I’ll have to get it again. I think the one I had was aged for about half a year.


I know Chimay as beer, not cheese. What type of cheese is that?


The rind is washed with Chimay beer. So the cheese is a bit bitter. Its my first time eating it. Took a while to get used to.

Funny their web site says ‘enhanced by a hint of bitterness’. I think its more than a hint.


I had gone to a local gourmet food place a few days back. Along with my usual Beemster aged gouda, I found a delicious new to me cheese that they were sampling. It’s a Petit Brillat Savarin Triple Cream Frais. Amazing stuff. My brother, SIL and I polished off the whole round in 2 days!

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BS is one of the best. I’ve had the “normal” version and the truffle version. The latter costs 2x as much and I don’t think it’s worth the extra euros. The plain version is already very fine.

And aged Gouda is the only kind of Dutch cheese I’ll eat. The rest tastes mostly like rubber to me, hence my affection for French cheeses. Btw, try different Dutch brands if you come across them. Beemster and Old Amsterdam etc are very commercialised and mass produced. These 2 brands are some of the most popular with tourists and in other countries.