We love Cheese!


You really do love cheese. That’s a lot of cheese for a week…! At least for me.

Enjoying the Trois Laits from the Pyrenees aged by Pascal Beillevaire.


Even in France, the artisan cheese are expensive.

Saw on TV a few weeks ago, a programme on the label AOP cheese in France. Many small French independent cheeses makers that had AOP label were bought by the giant dairy groups like Lactalis, Savencia or Sodiaal. In fact 70% of AOP cheese are industrially owned. The quality drops but not the price since the industrial group try to hide their presence. AOP label is no longer an indication of quality cheese. Some real craft cheese will probably disappear when the last producer goes to retirement, example Epoisse de Bourgogne, there is only 1 artisan left. Enjoy while you still can. (Too late for Bleu des Causses, everything is now owned by Lactalis)

If you know French and love cheese, you can see this program here:


On the same subject:

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I know. Painful truth but still is the truth and it needs to be known.

Thanks. I’ll let the partner have a look at the video clip later.

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Those last more than a week and for 2 of us, me being the one eating the most of it. My packed lunch every day. Just sourdough bread and cheese, after several different kinds of fruits.


Some numbers for farm made cheeses.


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For lunch these days I have been eating nothing but cheese and bread.

Already ate half the Reblochon…

Metal tag is baked with the bread (brought back from Germany).

Five cheeses with the same labels come from Lidl. Not going to make detailed photos of them as I have done it before.

A new camembert.

Spanish sheep’s milk cheese with a wine crust.


Not for faint hearts, maroilles and estragon. Taste is overwhelming and strong. I think I prefer maroilles alone without herbs.

Also have the Swiss tête de monie. I photographed before.


Are the Lidl cheese good?

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On my to-try list. I would hate it, who knows.

Yes, the cheese from Lidl are all good. They are all from known producers (as in not dodgy). The cheese are packaged for Lidl’s holiday selection. Nov and Dec are 2 expensive and indulgent months here.


Quite fond of the meule du Jura cheese. Butter and delicate. What I want to know is the difference between these and the comte from the same batch that’s aged separately.

And then the smoked goat chevre wrapped with a smoked maple leaf from River’s Edge in Oregon.

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This site says

A pale, golden yellow, it has a firm and melt-in-the-mouth texture, and fruity, buttery flavors and a delicate nutty finish. Their Meule du Jura is made exactly like a Comté. However producers are allocated a quota of wheels that can be matured as Comté. The additional wheels are matured and sold as Meule du Jura by the Monnin family.”

Maybe I have had this before, can’t recall the name. Your smoked goat’s cheese looks good.

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Ate only bread and cheese twice a day this weekend. Eur.30 worth of cheese in this photo:

With mixed forest mushrooms. I don’t normally like my cheese with other things added to it but I want to use this in a cheesy Spätzle dish one of these days.

French. I thought the cheesemonger said it was a mix of sheep and goat’s milk. Have to ask him again next week to be sure.

Had this one before. Jersey cow’s milk cheese.

Unpasteurised goat’s cheese.

Getting 2 more of this tomorrow because I like it and get a little cheese board for free. (it’s right under the cheese in this photo)

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From last couple of weeks.

Cow’s milk cheese. Lovely! Tastes almost like goat’s cheese. Looks it, too.

Pecorino with truffle. This little wedge costs more than eur.8. I ate it alone. Quite hard to stop eating it all in one go.


More goat/sheep/ewe’s cheese.





So many beautiful cheeses. Bought a hunk of taleggio. Never tried until now. Delicious. I’ll be buying more

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The first dig at this year’s Stilton. I wonder how long it will be before we get through it?!

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Lovely. My favourite blue in the world.

How many kilo is this? The partner does not share my love of blue cheese, not sure how long this much cheese would take me to finish all by myself. Thing is it’s hard to stop when I start eating.

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She’s just over 3kg, from the Colston Bassett dairy. We have 3 full throttle cheese eaters in my house for a week, plus we’re hosting 2 lunches of 8+ guests. It will all be gone by 01 Jan, I guess. Any remains will be frozen and used for cooking later.

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Ah, then it will be gone easily.

I have eaten Stilton with steaks and filled dough parcels with it (together with other ingredients). Other than that I haven’t really used it in more elaborate recipes. Have you any suggestion for me?

My last bits of French cheeses will be enjoyed tomorrow for lunch, then I’ll bugger off to non-cheese-eating land for a couple of weeks!

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Work in progress. So far so delicious.