We love Cheese!

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Not really anything new, just want to show you my own sourdough. Actually I make one every week or so, it looks different every time and the flour I use is also different. Wanted make a photo of the whole bread but the partner came home earlier and already sliced it. It was beautiful. Next time I have to hide it before it get sliced.

Unpasteurised brie is super creamy and soft. So nice I got it again.

More cheese.

My bread again but it looks different yet again.


Every week? Do you keep a master starter?

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No. I’m not hardcore. I make a new starter for each bread.

Have you tried making your bread again? Baking needs practice, like everything else.


I am still to scarred to find the courage to bake again and risk a brick. It’ll be soon.


I am eating the pasteurized version of the unpasteurized Reblochon- Douceur du Jura. Sweet and earthy, and pretty tasty. One must wonder how much better Reblochon tastes. Need to ‘import’ myself into France for the real deal.

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That’s the main reason I still need to go to France once in a while, just for the cheese. It’s most people’s favourite destination, not mine.

But… cheese is the best food in.the.world! Nothing is above it. Absolutely nothing. (At least according to me)


Oh you will love reblochon…make yourself a raclette and savor it


Cheeselovers, question? I’ve eaten tons of cheese in my short 3 decades but have never had this happen and now it’s happened twice. I had Sao Jorge last week and my entire mouth got tingling and started burning. I assumed it was from watermelon I had earlier and some type of oral allergy as I’ve never heard of a similar reaction with cheese. I tried again the next day, same thing. I bought it from a different store the next week and same thing. This week I experienced it with Challerhocker. I assume it’s a histamine issue but have also read theories about acid and fat content. Any cheese lovers have any insight? I also hope this isn’t becoming a thing. Never and now twice with different cheeses.

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i’m heading to Southern Spain end of next month. anyone familiar with any of these cheeses or others I should look out for?



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MC - I’ve had good cheese in good tapas places in Andalucia. Too long ago to recall names, I’m afraid but that’s the sort of place to go looking for the gems, although as your linked article suggests, you might struggle to find these small production quantity productts.

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Thanks Mr. H. I will definitely be hitting good tapas places!

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Maria - I suppose the other places to go looking will be the weekly market in small towns. Always good fun in Spain and, if it’s a small producer, they may well just sell there. My best ever Spanish cheese find was one such - in the unlikely very touristy resort of Playa de las Americas (which we visit every January). We just came across a small farmers market - only a dozen stalls set up for the evening. And one was selling a lovely goat cheese from the tiny island of La Gomera, which we can see on the horizon from our apartment - population 22k. Didnt even have a proper name!


No, never had this nor heard of this either. Most of the time I have cheese before eating water melon. :wink:
At times, I have very slight discomfort eating pineapples and melons but no reaction with cheese. (problem more in the belly than the mouth).

I read some more on this subject, it seems this can happened to eating aged cheese. Or certain types of cheese like raw cheese can provoke reaction.


Do you mean that where you are there is the same regulation that bans the import of unpasteurized cheese < x days? Or do you mean that there is just more selection in France, regardless?

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More selection and the prevalent of unpasteurised cheese. Stuff made by small producers remains mostly in the area or region only. Take my favourite cheese Munster, for instance. In Colmar (Alsace) at the market I bought a few made by small producers and all tasted fantastic, nothing like the Munster I get at home (and I have tried them all). Am still dreaming about the real Munster so looks like we have to get back to Alsace in the future.

There’s no unpasteurised cheese ban here. Not yet anyway. But who knows, one day we might get a new government that wants to ban everything we enjoy.


This will provoke a revolution in France.
Right now, the cheese killer is EU and the industrials. They made the setup cost too expansive for the small producers.

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More the reason to enjoy whilst we we can. Everyone has a price. One day some of these small producers either stop making the products or accept an offer to join the bigger manufacturers.

I’m anti this expensive club called EU. We have no backbone and are stuck with Germany. Only way to leave is when an anti EU party is elected.

PS: my reply above, I meant the prevalence of raw milk cheese and dairy products in France. Here they mention on the label the product is unpasteurised and use with precaution. That’s the way it should be. A notice is enough. Let the consumers decide for themselves and no one else.


the US finally relented a few years ago and began letting us bring home small amounts of raw-milk cheeses for our own consumption.

French obstetricians now recommend that mamans-to-be abstain from raw-milk cheeses because there have been some cases of listeria now and then. Being sick and miserable is one thing – being sick and losing your unborn child is an entirely different thing, so most are more than happy to go along with the recommendations.

But for the most part I agree with you – put the warning labels on it, let the nervous nellies back away, and let the rest of us enjoy our unpasteurized goodness.

Raw milk (cow and goat) – and raw-milk cheese – is sold here in Florida, but only if plainly labeled “for pet consumption only”. Amazing how the damned dogs keep asking me to buy the raw goat cheese crumbles with herbs de Provence. Selfish little sons of bitches, aren’t they? I help myself to some — quality control for the pooches, natch.

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That doesnt seem to be reflected in the UK where there has been a massive increase in the number fo small farmhouse producers. My concern with the EU is that us leaving it will make access for those producers to European markets much more difficult. Still, we have made our mistake and will have to live with it for some time to come

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I always miss cheese the most when I’m not at home. Don’t want long holidays anymore. 5, 6 week holidays used to be normal but overindulgence coupled with extreme inactivity does my head (and body) in.

Would not consider moving to another country without access to French cheese (or if it costs me dearly)!

I have not another wish for the entire week. All I want is in this one picture.

A new one to me, from the Jura. Very rich and creamy.