Using fresh chickpeas / garbanzo beans / fresh black chickpeas

Has anyone cooked with fresh chickpeas? Which recipes would you recommend?

Never, never seen them on sale. Intrigued, as we use canned or dried all the time.

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Always use dried as there is nowhere local to by fresh (and online ordering prices are ridiculous - even before shipping costs). Plus I hear shelling them is a painstaking process.

Why would you want to do this?

I grew chickpeas in my garden this year and they’re ready.

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Yeah… I almost asked that as where else would you obtain them? Unfortunately I got nothin’ on how to do them.

If I had some, I’d shell a handful and compare their texture raw, blanched, and cooked to get a feel for their texture. My favs for them are Falafel (raw) and Hummus (cooked). Lots of other ways to do them but love my favs so much they are pretty much the only way I make them.

My Falafel Recipe with home made Tahini.

As for Hummus, it is usually blended with garlic, lemon/lime, and additional herbs, aromatics, veggies, nuts/seeds, and spices… so differently so based on what I have on hand I don’t really have a recipe.

I love fresh green chickpeas, when I can get them (in India they are very seasonal).
I have not tried the frozen kind as I wonder if the processing will ruin their delicate nature.

I have not tried this particular recipe, but it looks good:

(sendha namak = pink crystal rock salt).

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Thank you, Rasam!

Stumbled on this thread when looking for chickpea ideas. Here’s an link to an older thread.