Fresh garbanzos!

They are a pain to peel, but I couldn’t pass them up! Anybody have experience with them?


This sounds good!

“… topped by the customer with chile powder, lime juice from a spray bottle, and/or hot sauce.”

I’ve never heard of fresh garbanzos let alone eat them. Where did you get them?

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One of the local Mexico meat markets. It’s across the street from work . I actually have TWO Mexican markets across the street from my work. This one is actually called “Mexico Meat Market”.

Our local heavily Hispanic flea market has several vendors who sell these. They are very popular. Eaten like fresh green peas. Or…

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I’ll have to look for them in my local Mexican market - Super Supermarket.




Lovely. Never seen them fresh before. Quicker to cook as you don’t need to soak them first.

One of the dishes I like in Morocco is chickpeas with tomatoes. A kind of stew. In Spain they put spinach in it. A dish with deep Moorish roots.


Fresh garbanzos

From Food 52-Overated?

" I was excited to put them into a salad—until I started shelling. "

Buf read comments!

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Popular in north India, in season (winter there).

You can get them frozen (peeled already) in the frozen section at Indian stores.

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“In the end, we were left with a scant handful of green pebbles. We blanched them in a shallow pot of water, then threw them into a salad. They tasted like regular chickpeas—only blander. I think I’ll stick to dried chickpeas from now on.”

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Well, it’s like favas. You either get it or you don’t.



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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sitting to shell either :joy:

But they do have a unique flavor, delicious, and prized.

I was shelling while watching last nights Top Chef for at least the 10th time. And fussing with my daughter, who was shelling as well.

But they immediately remind me of favas, which as you may know, I’ve not only peeled, but grown!


Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fava plant-how beautiful!

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