Uses for leftover mashed potatoes

I’m very new to Food52 and while reading through a few recipes found this topic which I thought would marry well with best uses for leftover turkey topic this time of year. Several of the highlighted recipes would not have dawned on me and several elevate enough to warrant making extra mashed potatoes…as if, ha!

please add your own ideas to the topic. TIA.

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Some of these sound great, some (chocolate :nauseated_face: ) not so much.

I always make extra mashed potatoes and/or bring them as leftovers. I like mashed potatoes, but they’re even better the next day. Potato cakes! Mashed potatoes mixed with diced onions, s&p and fried in butter until crispy crust forms.


Thanks for the link. There are few in there that are right up my alley.

Gnocchi (love gnocchi, but not sure if my mashed potatoes would work in that recipe, too much milk, but I’d try it).

Potato Gateau - Super easy conversion but adding a few new flavors to make it seem like you’re not eating the same leftovers.

Brandade Croquettes - I wonder why I’ve never thought to make croquettes. I’d try that one.

Pierogi - why haven’t I been doing this? I love pierogi and always have leftover potatoes.

They didn’t mention it, but the pierogi made me think of it . . . why not knish - why don’t I make those too? I love a knish.

(Unfortunately I won’t have leftovers to play with this year since I’ll be traveling for Tday this year. But lasts year I “remade” a mini-thanksgiving meal so I could have leftovers once I got home. Will probably do the same this year.)


Lol, one of those hidden ingred recipes on the cake!

My family typically makes blintz and fried cakes with leftover mashed potatoes. I am kind of tired of both.

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I guess I don’t have mashed enough to get tired of them.

Thanks for going through the list. I will likely try my hand at the casserole types faster than the others.

This year we are pacing the entire feast over several family households so I’m on cocktail/mocktail duty only this time. But I know we will be sent home w leftovers…

There are never a useful amount of leftover mashed potatoes, irrespective of starting quantity…

But. In a parallel universe. Fish cakes. Topping for (leftover turkey) shepherds(ish) pie. Topping for fish pie. Indian aloo tikkis or batatawada or samosas or aloo parathas (I’m remembering the Seinfeld knish episode as I think of potato-stuffed things).

ETA: I looked at their list, I overlap on 6,7,21 :joy:


I feed it to my mom or let her take home as leftovers. She’s an bottomless pit when it comes to mashed potatoes.



And I :heart: kobuta’s mom.

If there are leftover mash that aren’t doused with gravy for Friday lunch, we brown/crust them up in butter and top with fried eggs Saturday or Sunday. All gone…


I must be potato cake challenged; never made any that resulted in anything I wanted to eat. (same thing with rice krispy treats) :scream_cat:

Leftover mashed potatoes is an oxymoron. :wink:
Piroshki (not Pierogy). Bread dough filled with cabbage, potatoes, mushrooms, ground beef. My grandmother sometimes used liver. For potato knishes, as well.

My mother made a double decker meatloaf with a layer of mashed potatoes, and tomato sauce poured over the top.
Salmon or tuna potato cakes.
I add in chopped artichoke hearts, cooked mashed carrots, or horseradish etc.
Shepherds pie - leftover turkey, ground beef or lamb.

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I can’t open the website link.

Note on SALT COD, you can salt fresh fish by covering it with salt for half an hour. It will be a gentler flavor and texture. We frequently make brandade this way, either with new mashed potato or used.
Either eaten as a main or formed into cakes and sauteed.

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Works on my phone. Can you go to ?
One more try.

Potatoes are one of the reasons I like Austrian cuisine. They take the humble spuds to another level. I tend to make dumplings, Austrian-style. There are variants that look like pierogi (skin is potatoes and flour) filled with fruit(s), vegs, Speck, Sauerkraut, and of course potatoes.

Potato “cheese”. Just add seasoning of choice and spread on bread.

The basic dough: potatoes, some flour and some potato starch (the starch helps keep the shape)

You can also use squash or root vegs in the dough

This type of dumpling can be either sweet or savoury.


With a thick chunk of liver

My personal favourite: with Sauerkraut and crispy fried Speck

Filling is potatoes

Some has Sauerkraut

In some parts of Austria these are called “Nidei”. Unlike the above, these are not boiled before frying.


Sometimes I make farls.

And if I don’t feel like making anything with mashed potatoes I just make a Rheinlander classic.

Portuguese salt cod fritters are great!

Just remember another fantastic dish called Pommes Aligot. O.M.F.G! Mashed potatoes with lots and lots of cheese!

A north German classic call Labskaus has beetroot mixed with potato puree.


Thanks. The longer link worked!

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I like the idea of using biscuit dough.

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Holy spud @Presunto what hunger inducing photos!

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Bubble & Squeak , very much a breakfast staple in London, though you just have to ask for bubble.


I was about to make an entry about browning them up in butter and topping with fried eggs for a great weekend brunch, but you beat me to it

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