Uses for leftover mashed potatoes

The simplest idea, so good.

Husband making Aligot


I do love aligot as well, never thought to use left over mash . . . happy to give that a try too!

That looks like a big portion (not complaining), it is so rich . . . . yummmmm.

Well you SHOULD accompany this with a tart green salad and a little wine to cut thev richness…:upside_down_face:

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Decadent in the best possible way.

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Potaffles. Potato pancake waffles. Don’t forget the cheddar, bacon & sour cream with chives. I can see it with salmon/lox on the side.

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Does it waffle? Yes, it does. Big fan of that riff. A tour rig monkey never goes hungry stopping at WaWa for groceries and a plug in waffle iron.

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Lol. Next, waffle your leftover stuffing/dressing and sweet potatoes.

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I think we need a “Waffle your” thread. This has LONG legs.

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@Rooster Please. Go for it!

Build on the linked topic already started by the very sharp @greygarious.

Any road signs?

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Thanks! I’m kinda horrified that I have zero recollection, 3+ years on, of having made these waffled things. I suppose I should make a note in my 2020 calendar to read this thread again in 6 months. To be on the safe side, I’m making a note on December’s calendar to add that note, since I don’t yet HAVE a 2020 calendar. My septuagenarian childhood pals all say I have better recall than they do, and I am always experimenting in the kitchen, so MAYBE I can blame the vanished memories on too much variety?

Aw, the inspiration is timeless. perhaps it’s time to get back in the swing of waffled goodness!

Faux Twice Baked Potatoes

Put your leftover taters in a mixing bowl and add lots of butter, crumbled bacon, cheese and chives and mix well.

Put your mixture in oven proof ramekins and bake until just browning on top. I usually throw a little more butter on top.

Nice side for lots of things and too easy to bother writing down. (But I just did.)



Potato soup. (with crispy fried Speck/smoked bacon, or chorizo. I also like parsnip puree mixed in with the potato mash.)

Portuguese Caldo Verde.

I might want to make this Austrian pastry called Wespennester ("wasp nest).
Recipe translation here. “Flotte Lotte” is a food mill or ricer.

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Vada Pav- Indian potato patty on a bun with chutney.
Ordered one last night and enjoyed it- will make them sometime soon!