TURKISH - Spring 2024 (Apr-Jun) Cuisine of the Quarter

And the results are in! TURKISH was our winner by a mile this quarter. Thanks for voting - looking forward to learning about all things Turkish with you this quarter!


Turkish Sehiryeli Pilav. Toasted orzo cooked with rice. I’ll often add something green (parsley, scallion tops, etc.).

Similar to Rice-A-Roni. :smiley_cat:


One of my favorite things to order at a turkish restaurant is Chicken Adana kabab.

But I’ve never been able to make a version I liked as much as the restaurant ones. I even bought wide, flat skewers during the pandemic :woman_facepalming:t2:

Anyone have a recipe they like?

Chicken, not beef or lamb — for some reason I think the other flavors come through much better with chicken here, even though I otherwise love lamb and beef kababs.

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That’s because true Adana kebab is made with lamb from a male lamb no older than a year, including the tail fat. If you can’t get the lamb tail fat it will never taste like what you get in a restaurant.

I’ve never even heard of a chicken variety, nor seen one in any of the Turkish restaurants I’ve been to.

Penzeys Turkish Seasoning: salt, garlic, cumin, Tellicherry black pepper, Turkish oregano, sweet paprika, sumac, cayenne red pepper and cilantro.


I love it. I use it to amp up my yoğurtlu patlican salatası.


I’m going to link to our Turkish recipes thread. It’s a good one.

I like this Lazy Man’s Manti pasta recipe. Because I’m too lazy to make Manti.

When I want to make lazy manti I purchase them frozen at the Turkish store down the road, add a little romesco sauce from TJ’s, and a dollop of Greek yogurt :smiley:


Yes, I like lazy take-out Manti, already sauced by the restaurant, too!

I haven’t found a good source for frozen Manti yet. I haven’t explored Toronto’s Turkish stores much yet. Many have opened recently.

Manti and pelmeni are pretty similar if you don’t have a meat restriction, so if there’s an eastern european market near you that sells the tiny pelmeni and you dressed them with the manti sauces, it might be a step closer than farfalle :grin:


Yes, I am a fan of frozen pelmeni, and really, any pelmeni, but I dress those with butter, sour cream, a splash of vinegar and fresh dill :rofl: I could dress them like Manti, but I like sour cream a little more than yogurt.

I really liked the pelmeni at a fancy Turkish Brunch at Antique Garage in Tribeca when my cousin treated in Dec 2018. There was also a location in Soho. They have jazz sometimes but I don’t remember it. I wish I’d posted the photo on HO.

The seasoning in the pasta recipe to which I linked, was good! I didn’t use farfalle. Smaller pasta goes over better at our house, so I usually use orzo, spaetzle or other small cut pasta regardless of what the recipe calls for. :rofl:

There is another recipe called Lazy Manti which is one bigger rolled Manti. I am trying to find it. I will quote this paragraph and post it when I find it .

And another cheater recipe using gyoza wrappers:

Being the Manti obsesscionado that I am, I also order Manti at Central Asian restaurants. Those Manti are often a little larger than a kiwi fruit.

Veggie Manti


I ordered a pogaca / Turkish cheese bun today, from Pera Café in Kensington Market in Toronto.

I might try making them at some point.


I made both of these in Jan.2020. The tulip shaped meat pogasca were from a no longer available Fine Cooking site.
The flower shaped ones were filled with cheese…I think!



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Thank you, as I recall, we enjoyed them. The meat filled ones were a little less labor intensive, but I’m happy that I made the double twist flower ones…once!


I have had boat- shaped, cheese-filled Peinerli, which is popular with Black Sea Greeks who left Turkey. I’m guessing Turks make it, too. It looks like the boat -shaped Khachapuri.

Khachapuri has been on my todo list but I have yet to get around to it, looks luscious.

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Since I mentioned it, here’s the boat-shaped Peinerli https://vidarbergum.com/recipe/turkish-cheese-pide-with-egg-peynirli-yumurtali-pide/


Mouthwatering delicious looking! Ty, I’ll put this in my notes.

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I’m enough of a dish origin geek that I will add this thread


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