Tortilla success!

Finally, I’ve had success 3 times! I give most (or all) credit to some new dry masa(Masienda)I found recently. Makes a very smooth and pliable dough. The variable of keeping the pan heat constant (on a flat top electric stove) isn’t easy.



Looks almost identical to the real tortillas I ate in Baja Sur. What are you going to fill them with?

Almost every town or village has at least one tortilla maker/shop, I found. A stack of freshly made corn tortillas costs next to nothing. We liked them so much we just rolled them up and ate them straight whilst still warm. Even better if they are filled with avocado (which are also cheap).

At my whale watching lodging the restaurant has a dedicated tortilla maker who makes them on order. She uses a big rectangular or square press and then warm the tortillas (on a grate) in an open fire pit. Like in the photo below, that’s her tending the fire.

Her tortillas

The kitchen staff thought it was interesting that we ordered the plain tortillas to eat with nothing else.


Those look perfect!

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^ Same. That struggle is real. I’m in awe of your successful tortillas!

Curious if you used a cast iron pan? I have a couple of enameled cast iron pans (black matte finish inside) that I use on my glass top, non-induction electric stove because the cast iron holds heat well. Helps me compensate when I want constant pan heat, though of course not perfectly.

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I have an old cast iron pan but it somehow had a hot spot that makes it very uneven. I use an old small scan pan exclusively for tortillas and that’s the best I’ve found. I’d like an electric skillet that could be set to stay at exact (high) temps:).


My nephews eat plain chapatis this way when they are being made fresh, because it is such a rarity for them.

But I don’t think I’ve ever eaten one plain myself my whole life - the plainest would have been spread with a little ghee and a bit of mashed jaggery palm sugar (or white sugar sprinkled, less healthy), and rolled up like a cigar.


Lovely! That must have been so satisfying!

I wholeheartedly agree that the flour makes a difference no matter what the (flat or other) bread project.

(For chapatis, which are so similar in process to tortillas, I am ridiculously picky about the type of whole wheat flour I will use, because fineness of grind and protein content make such a big difference to not only the end product but also how easy the dough is to handle and roll out. )


Those are beautiful!

I love homemade tortillas though for me that usually means going to one of a couple of local restaurants that make them in house. I’ve tried to make them at home several times and haven’t been able to them flattened to an even, round shape. Any tips on that part of the process?

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Are you using a tortilla press? Mine is cast iron quite heavy, tho not sure that’s a factor on the roundness. I weigh out balls (50 gram each) and press them between plastic sheets. I don’t do anything special the press just makes them round. After struggling for years, I’m sure it’s the new masa I have that is giving such good results without the stress!

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I do have a tortilla press. It’s heavy but maybe not heavy enough? I’m going to look for the masa you suggest the next time I’m in the big Latin grocery as that may have something to do with it.

This thread sent me to the Masienda site and their pricey tortilla press just made it onto my Christmas list. Thanks!
Note that it’s $95 with $12 shipping on their site, but it also sells on their Etsy page for $93.80 and free shipping. Many of the reviews ask for rubber on the feet; I think I’ll just add some Sugru.

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My fiancée and I are in the middle of planning our wedding, and are doing a sort of taco bar thing, but hadn’t sourced tortillas yet. Do you mind sharing where you get yours?

We just get them as sides when we do take out and ask for extras. We end up with enough that there are always leftovers. I’m not sure if they sell them on their own but it’s worth checking. Our usual places are Cielito Lindo in Belmar and Azteca in West Belmar.

Congratulations on the pending wedding and good luck with your planning!

Oh oh, now I really want that masienda press! I have the low level cast iron and it works fine but is clunky and rough. If the quality of their masa is any indication of excellence, I think the press willl be superior. I will have to commit to making tortillas more often tho😂
Ps thanks for that Sugru link, I have the stuff to repair charging cords but see lots of other uses

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Perfect, I’ll have to check them out. Thank you!!

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