[Toronto] healthy-ish take-out recs

Open to any ideas.

I used to rely on a kabob/souvlaki and salad, usually from Tabule or a Greek joint on the Danforth.

Lately, I get kabobs or kofte from Zaad near Bloor and Spadina, or soup from Country Style.

Sometimes vegetable sides from Eataly.

Occasionally sushi.


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Beware of soup you don’t make yourself. It can be loaded with fat, salt, and carbs.

I find eating healthy is more about behaviour modification than avoidance. That is, just about any cuisine can be healthy.

For instance, take your delivery order and immediately cut it in half. Nearly every restaurant serves portions that are too large whether white linen or hole in the wall.

My spouse loves Swiss Chalet. (Don’t judge.) Now instead of getting my old usual of quarter chicken dark with bun and fries, I get 1/4 white meat, no bun, garlic green beans.

Speaking of which, if there’s a kids menu, try it. Portions and options can allow you to eat more healthfully and appropriately.

Avoid salads that require sugar in the dressing. Be aware that some salads can contain more calories than a cheeseburger with a whole lot less fun involved.

Once you start navigating a menu like a pro, you’ll find you can eat just about anywhere. The last thing I want to do is tell people we can’t eat someplace because of me. I’m the adventurous eater.


Mihito poke bowl with zucchini noodles is my healthier go to meal. I get it from Yorkville village location which doesn’t seem that far from your dining options


Haven’t been to Mihito yet. Thanks!

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Good point Elvisahmed. I love a cozy diner for breakfast. Lately, and thanks to a childhood neighbour, we started going to Sammy’s Family Restaurant on McCowan south of Lawrence. Instead of scrambled, ham, toast, and home fries I’m truly enjoying their vegetarian Classic Omelette made with egg whites and a side salad. I don’t entirely deny myself. I have a half slice of his toast, one bite of his sausage, and a single crispy home fry. Guilt free fun.


I’m 49, meet with a dietitian once a month, track my portions & calories, and used to do WeighWatchers, so I think I’m able to navigate menus fairly well.

I mostly wanted recs of what you and others choose when you’re watching your intake. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, Swiss Chalet and other rotisserie does in a pinch. I tend to buy my rotisserie chicken at Sanagan’s.

I was pretty happy with Flock when the location on Harbord closer to Spadina was open. The Flock on Harbord is now located where Skippa once was. Haven’t been to the new location yet.

That Freakin’ Greek on Harbord has closed and a French restaurant or bistro has taken over the space.

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Wasnt suggesting you couldn’t. Mainly saying each menu needs a new look which can be challenging at first. Mine was also an answer to the general readers. A little hint here, a little hint there…


Though the chicken movement has come to Scarborough, rotisserie options are still few. Generally, I prefer I do it myself. I get whole chickens from Cosmos Agora on Lawrence west of Warden. Cosmo’s carries Cumbrae’s chickens so without a doubt, the best out this way. If I’m cooking indoors, I don the silicone oven mitts and turn that bird for the rotisserie effect. Works. A little death defying at first, but so worth it.


I find eating out/take-out and eating healthy to be a challenge. Most restaurants are aiming for flavour first, which means using whatever amount of salt, fat, etc., that accomplishes this goal. So we eat healthy at home for about 90% of our meals (mainly vegetarian, whole grains, etc.) and then eat whatever we want from restaurants a couple of meals per week.

If I was trying to stay healthy-ish while eating out/takeout, I would mainly stick with dishes that are mainly vegetables and/or whole grains and are not deep/pan fried. A bowl of pho (pick your favourite) is one option for me (if you excuse the simple carbs of the rice noodles and likely a higher sodium level). Tabule is good for the salads and garlic tomatoes. I don’t detect tons of fat or cream in the soups at United Bakers, so maybe those. There’s also the soon tofu at Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu, but I’m sure there’s tons of sodium in that meal (especially the banchan).

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I roast a chicken or chicken parts around once a week, usually on Mondays, and cook around 6 nights a week these days.

I treat myself to a take-out dinner around once a week, and take-out brunch or lunch once or twice a week.

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Zezafoun is on my healthy take-out list :slightly_smiling_face:

Syrian dine-in and take-out on Manor Road between Yonge and Davisville Stations. https://www.zezafoun.ca/
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Tiger bowl and small Dutch fries from Fresh on Bloor.

I haven’t ordered from them in a while. They have some 1 or 2 person combos now.