Takeout and Delivery in [Toronto]

I ordered the pulled chicken with basil mayo sandwich at Black Camel today and it was meh. The chicken and basil mayo sandwich had been my favourite sandwich there 4 or 5 years ago…

Nice individual-sized coffee-flavoured mousse cake from Delyssée $10.95 before tax, when the same kind of mini mousse cake might cost $7.50 -$8 atat Nadege or $8.10- $8.95 at Bomou. I haven’t been to Rahier in a long time, so not sure how much their mousse cakes cost.

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That’s unfortunate. What made it meh now compared to before? Hope the brisket and pork sandwiches are still good.

I think the pesto mayo changed, with less basil ,and the maybe the chicken was under-seasoned.
I could have sworn it was called basil pesto previously, and not pesto mayo. Maybe I’m misremembering, or they stopped using the basil mayo and replaced it with pesto mayo. That might be the issue.
It was really bland.


I haven’t ordered the brisket sandwich there and it’s been a decade since my last pulled pork sandwich at the Black Camel. Hopefully they’re still good.

The bun was nice and fresh.

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I tried the tempura udon, futomaki and inari at Sushi Maido in the Annex last night. I’d asked about the sushi places in the Annex 5 or 6 years ago, and jennabeans on CH had recommended Sushi Maido over the others. It was quite full around 9 pm on a Friday, and the staff were friendly.

Confession time :joy:
I used to go to Sushi on Bloor, New Gen and Sushi Inn (in Yorkville, but the same kind of sushi place) from around 2002-2010 fairly frequently, but I haven’t been to any of the Annex places between Spadina and Bathurst in the last decade.

I also visited Sushi Island AYCE on College St at least once. I became a bit fussier about sushi around 2010, and usually chose Japango or Yuzu No Hana when downtown.

I liked what I ordered at Sushi Maido, and the prices were reasonable. I was in the mood for udon.

Re: the futomaki, it was fine. I like the sushi rice a little more at Akai at Harbord and Borden https://instagram.com/akai.sushi.toronto , which is probably a little pricier.

I almost walked down to Omai last night, which I like a lot, but I was craving udon and wanted to order online.

If anyone has a recommendation for takeout udon, let me know! I do like the creamy non-traditional mushroom udon at Planta!


For takeout udon … https://zenjapanmart.com/
… in Scarborough … but pickup only I think …
Despite being from frozen, I had them before during those “lockdown periods” … Quite good.


Zezafoun Syrian on Manor Road tonight. Very good. I got the Syrian mezza platter ($35, 4
Dips with lots of pita) and the Burning Fingers.

I tried the housemade rosewater lemon drink ($8) which was a little expensive for what it is ( I prefer the orange blossom lemonade at Tabule), and a $4 canned lemon mint drink.


Good to know!!

I keep meaning to check this place out, looks delish.

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All their tables were reserved tonight, nice to see them doing well! Nice peeps.


Sushi Maido is one of my favourite places for sushi in the Annex.

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This place looks amazing!!

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The Heavenly Perogy has some special pick-up options for Orthodox Easter. Order online before the 10th, pick up the following week.

Easter Basket




Well, we’re not sure what to call this place. The sign says Bombay Frankies, but the website corresponding to this name does not have the same menu. The website for Bombay Frankie has the correct menu, although they also call the restaurant Mumbai Frankie on the website. Anyway, we took out from the place on 1386 Gerrard St. E. They let us use our own containers.

Szechuan Paneer Frankie - minimum 2 - very fun - spicy paneer cubes, onion, green pepper, chutney, sauces, wrapped in a flatbread.

Afghani momos (not on the online menu) - 7 green momos with pureed vegs inside, a little layer of creamy sauce, with white cabbage over - very tasty.

Vegetable Hakka noodle - very soft chow mein noodles in a reddish sauce, decent kick, with cabbage, red pepper, and ginger - pleasant, though not quiet as interesting.


Muffuletta, Pork Schnitzel and Shrimp Calamari Po Boy from Brock Sandwich. I like the the Muffuletta and Pork Schnitzel better than the PoBoy.

Good paprika fries.

I will be back. I want to try their burger and breakfast sandwich.


I tried the Minute Steak Pita ($19) and the Bonsai broccoli (broccoli with a dill scallion dairy sauce) ($11) at Miznon. It was ready in 12 minutes. Maybe a little pricey, and the steak was a little fatty, but I enjoyed it.

First time trying it, and not too interested in chicken lately. https://www.miznon.ca/


Sang Ji Bao, 3 Charles St location

Vanilla flan, iced latte and Yuzu iced tea at Le Genie at Aura, south of College Park

French Butter at Le Genie

Selection of pastries at Le Genie


Rendang at Kiss My Pans on College St. Very good. I will return for the laksa. Fancy cheeses, too.


I’ve been meaning to try it: will have to get there soon!

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Last night was kibo secret garden again. The Anago was really good. It paired nicely with Nama Nama unpasteurized version (also delivered by UberEATS)


Bento from Tsuchi

Would get it again.


Not sure about the iced oat milk miso caramel macchiato . I have tried around 2 dozen oat milk lattes over the past 5 years . I just don’t like nut milks or oat mills in coffee.

Also tried the hot table at Alimentari on Roncesvalles. No photo. I had eggplant parm ($2.99/ 100g), a $4 meatball and some fried artichokes. It was good.