The time has come

I went on a shrub spree a few years ago, and while my guests loved them in cocktails, I usually drank them in sparkling water or seltzer or even just chilled water because I sometimes have an allergic reaction to alcohol, and they were just lovely without.

I recommend the cold shrub method - Michael Dietsch has a good book on it, some of his recipes are available on the Internet to start.

My favorites were lemon (like a lemonade concentrate but more intense), orange (like a better orangina or aranciata), and blackberry (intense and almost savory). Then you can mix and match fruit and herbs and flavorings. Ginger is pretty fantastic in fall and winter.


Me too, and it continues every summer.

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Found this older list I wrote:

And this from my original spree:

And here’s the method and a few ideas from the “shrub guy”:

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Seedlip is increasingly available in the UK. Perfect with Fever Tree tonic for a faux G & T.

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