The Short Life Span of Appliances Nowadays

So, I am totally annoyed. Five years ago we redid our kitchen and got 3 new high end Electrolux appliances - microwave, oven/range/fridge. The first week we had our oven the convection fan went. Then the ice maker kept breaking down and we had several visits to repair that. Next, the locking mechanism on the doors went - the doors would not stay closed (french door, bottom freezer). All fixed. Then 2 years ago the handle on the door of the microwave came off. Had to get a whole new door. Then it stopped altogether a few months ago. Got a new GE. Now, last week the bloody ice maker went again and it cost $700 to fix. The think is 5 years old. But, we figured it’s still cheaper than a new one. Last night we got an error message - now the evaporator fan is shot and the fridge temp is rapidly rising. Also, the control panel seems to have wacked out. Methinks this repair will be huge and if this turns out to be the case, we will get a new one because, even they fix it, I think the next thing will go. Appliances used to last forever. What is the deal. They cost more and more and last less and less. I get they have all kinds of gadgets in them now, but geez! Oh and just in case you’re wondering, Electrolux has some of the worst customer service EVER, but that is for another post. Just had to rant :rage:


That sucks! So sorry all of that happened/keeps happening to you. :confounded: I think the more gizmos they stick on these things the less they pay attention to quality. I will say that when we last bought a refrigerator we were told (by both the salesman and installer) not to get an ice maker and/or water dispenser as these are usually the first things to break. So we didn’t and are still happy though granted this was purchased about 12-14 years ago.

You know what…I figured this out a few years ago. I gave up on “high end” appliances all together. I buy mid range and I purchase the extended service plan. Now every time the POS breaks, call up and get the repair person out there. I don’t feel like I got ripped off paying top price, and the savings between a mid-range and top end more than pays for the extended service.

I built my house 15 years ago, I’m on my 3rd fridge. After the first two I bought a nice stainless Samsung, with the extended service plan, they have been out about 3x’s rebuilding/replacing things on it. The hell with them. lol. (Meanwhile the fridge in my garage, I was given from my parents 20+ years ago as a back up fridge in my old home…and the fridge was probably 15 years old when my parents gave it to me, never a problem)


I’ll quote myself from a recent thread. In the short time since this post, I had to dump $450 into a 5 year old Frigidaire washing machine…

Haha, yup, same exact thing with our garage fridge. It’s cliche, but they don;t make em like they used to. If you have an older solidly built appliance, keep fixing it!

That was actually the straw that broke the camels back for me. I had bought a very nice (forget the brand) high capacity dryer, with a steamer etc. The thing lasted 3 years! 3 years and the drum went. I was sooooo pissed off. Now I have a no thrills, no glass door, no steamer…just a dryer with a service agreement. Thing will last FOREVER!!!

There was a class action lawsuit dealing with Electrolux ice makers. You might be able to get your money back for the repair, and get them to fix it for free. You should look into it.

Thanks so much. My model was listed as eligible, but the deadline to file a claim passed. Thanks anyway!!

funny you should ask…the delivery guys left about 20 minutes ago.

replaced a 10 yr old Samsung fridge with a GE. the Samsung had ice/water thru the door - convenient but seldom worked as advertised. we started getting water streaks down the door from the “drip pan” - the ice maker auger had pushed a huge pile of ice up to the front - and it was melting down thru the dispense tube. the stupid thing never did switch between cube&crushed properly - the lever would get blocked with ice chips and it was a 2 hr job to clean&melt out the mess.

then it started to freeze up - you could see ice build-up in the air circulation vents, to the point about half were blocked. now . . . one symptom of “low refrigerant” is freeze ups like that - and the odds of finding the leak are close to zero but costs something with a lot of zeros to the right - so we opted to not bother with a fix.

so we ordered one without the door dispenser. it does have an ice maker in the (bottom) freezer. we’ll see…

Try one year, that’s how long my new GE fridge lasted until it started making all kinds of noises and needed to be turned all the way up to reach minimum temp. I declined to buy the extended warranty in December, which is when my one year (if you can believe??) warranty ran out, but luckily they let me buy into it after the fact. Only problem, I have to wait a month before I can get a repairman to come. Unbelievable!

As a follow up, the repair man was here and everything seemed to be ok, so he unplugged it and plugged it back in and it works. Why didn’t I think of a reboot before I spent $147 on the service call? We’ll see what happens, but for now, I don’t have to get that new fridge.Whew! :relieved:

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the relationship between the three-fingered-MS salute (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and a three prong plug is remarkable in today’s “it’s all in the computer” world…


Well, this computer world is back in the trash. Fridge errors out again. We rebooted again but it’s only a matter of time. Apploance store here we come. On a side note, the repair guy said he services Electrolux but would never have one in his home!

If the Electrolux fridge is anything like their vacuum, forget about it immediately. I found out after the fact that they are not made in Sweden anymore, but in China. At least the US ones.

I had their vacuum for a few years (replaced a 1970s or 1980s Sears vacuum which just wouldn’t die, but I wanted something fancier) and within that time period everything major on it broke at least twice. Out of desperation, because I was having houseguests, I got a cheap Shark at BB&B and I am amazed at how superior it is, at one third the price. Maybe there is hope for new unknown companies coming up with something that will last finally.

Over here in Australia our consumer protection legislation changed recently and means goods need to last their expected life. It’s a deliberately loose term because the expected life for a cheap hairdryer is going to be less than a cheap fridge which is less than an expensive fridge. The consumer courts make the call on what is a reasonable and the retailer needs to fix or replace - not the manufacturer.

This is in addition to the standard 12 month warranty and has the effect of making any of those expensive extended warranties a waste of money.

I know the US is different but as a result I fully expect to get at least 5 years out of my major appliances if not ten - I suspect this sort of legislation helps…!


Wow, I had no idea about the vacuums. They used to be great. We have a really old one Still kicking!

I know, I should have held onto one of my Sears Kenmores. Anyway, counting the days until April 6 when I can finally call for service on the fridge. So far the temps are borderline OK turned up all the way, but just another thing in my life to stress about now :wink:

Our Shark puts it’s predecessor (Dyson Animal) to shame and it came with a lifetime warranty.

I heard the shark is great. I have a Dyson. It’s ok, but kind of heavy. Not the best vacuum I’ve ever owned.

So awful, isn’t it? I tried desperately while shopping for all new appliances, to find reliable ones without failure and performance issues. I discovered that’s not possible, not at any price. So I set my sights on finding the ones I liked the most that had the best seller and service ratings. Still no picnic, but at least the dealer is going to handle all warranty and repair issues.

It should be enjoyable looking forward to alll new kitchen appliances, but I’m dreading the expected headaches.

They really don’t make 'em like they used to. :-/

No, they don’t And it’s funny. My dad is 95 and I was telling him about my refrigerator woes and he said - what do you have, a Kelvinator? We had that when I was a kid and it lasted as long as we lived in Yonkers and then some, so at least 16 years!