Laugh or cry?

We’re still using the waffle iron mom got as a wedding gift in 1957. It could probably use a replacement cord, but it still makes perfect waffles.

Mine is from 1985 (DLC-7 Super Pro) and I’ve had to replace the bowl etc several times. The lid with the white plastic lock seems to be the weakest link. One broke recently and I got a mint condition full machine, same model, all plastic intact, DELIVERED, for $79.00 on eBay.

I love my KA. It took me a bit to learn the tricks and use the double bowls but now I love it. I can slice onions to cheese with the blade attachment or pulse vegetables and all the pieces wash easily or go in the dishwasher. I hope you warm up to yours!

I was so upset when Braun quit making small kitchen appliances – they were workhorses and were usually the best value on the market.

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Hi, Sunshine:

I still have their burr coffee grinder, and love it.

Not such a big fan of Cuisinart FPs.


Ok - so I found an online deal & finally broke down & bought another Cuisinart. Anybody want to buy a very slightly used KA?

What a delight that new Cuisinart is. I’m in love again.


I was just complaining to my husband last night how I hate our Magimix. The motor is great. The regular blade is great. The shredding discs make me want to take a bat to it. I was trying to grate carrots. The distance between the bottom of the lid and the top of the grating disc is too big. HUGE chunks of carrot never get shredded. I have to fish them out of the bowl and either re-shred them (which doesn’t always work) or I have to do chop those by hand. There’s enough pieces that don’t get shredded that I can’t afford to simply throw them out. It’s great for other things, but shredding, no.

I know that feeling. Set it all up & it does a crap job. I’ve been using my Cusinart to death since I got it.

John, which model did you get? I also have an older Cusinart that just keeps going.

Old ones were great. The new ones don’t last.

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Try one year! I bought a GE fridge (admittedly one of the cheaper ones) December 2014 with a one year warranty. This December, about a week after the one year anniversary, it started making all kinds of wacky noises. Only holds temp turned all the way up. Now I know why they hounded me for weeks after the warranty ran out, to sign up for an extended one, must be a one year time bomb in there. I finally broke down and signed up yesterday, for two more years…not too expensive but there IS a $25 co-pay AND in addition I can’t call for service for another month. She even asked me if it’s making noises, so I guess they know what’s going on. I had researched and was informed GE was the more dependable brand…maybe 25 years ago!

As far as food processors…I actually had a GE model, one of the first on the consumer market back in the 1970s, and it was fantastic! Lasted me until maybe 5 or 10 years ago, can’t remember what happened though. So I bought an Oster and it was a piece of junk. So bad that I threw it away! I think I even tried something else after, but finally gave in and sprang for a Cuisinart…am very happy now, it works fantastic and you can tell it was mostly built to last. That said…the plastic on the lid where it hooks in DID break off not long ago, while I was washing it (!!) but I stuck some duct tape on it and, so far so good. I wonder if there are glass and metal replacements available?? If it comes off again I guess I’ll research further.

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Yup. We have a 5 year old KitchenAid refrigerator that has had too many issues to count. Fortunately our appliance repair guy is reasonable and honest. Last time here I asked him what appliance he would buy price no object. Not that I want to break the bank, but just want something that would last. He sort of shrugged and shook his head. He told me he had just come from a client where he was fixing their relatively new Threader built in. He said he fixes as many high end appliances as mid-low end of similar ages. Basically you can’t win and it only gets worse as more tech is integrated into the appliances.

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Call KitchenAid customer service and whine a bit. I’ve had them send me replacement parts for out of warranty items like our shitty blender we received as a wedding gift (the pitcher leaks all over the base).

Sorry, but what is a “Threader built-in”? Google has failed me.

My apologies, auto correct strikes again. I meant Thermador.

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Agreed . . . there’s just so much more to go wrong!

eh - it’s crap. Hell will freeze before I fix it. And since it’s broken I won’t have to feel bad about selling it to someone. It can just go in the trash.

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Alex - the box says ‘Cuisinart Custom 14’. It’s kind of ironic I got my first Cusinart on the scramble table @ JC Pennys for 50% off the lowest price. It lasted 25 years and it was used hard. My GF got some kind of a 25% off coupon for JC Penny’s Online so that’s where we got this one.

I’ve had it 3 months now and I still love it. It’s such a simple machine.

Thanks John, that model has been around forever and is regarded well. I have a smaller version of it.