The Short Life Span of Appliances Nowadays

Every house we bought used came with a fridge that was far from new, and we stayed 10-15 years: Never a peep, they just ran and you didn’t think about it. Those days are obviously over…and the fact that you can’t get a good one for love nor money is even more upsetting.


Another person I know mentioned how terrible her Samsung appliances were. I’m going to be looking into a new fridge soon. Sounds like one to scratch off the list!

We just got an LG. Delivery Wednesday. I’ll let you know. Meanwhile my dead Electrolux came back to life and has been running now for 36 hours.

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Stick it in the garage for backup?

Ugh, I’ve had this conversation with my family and friends so many times – I feel your pain. I am gun shy at pulling the trigger on super high-end appliances for this very reason; I don’t think the darn thing will last.

My strategy for appliances is often to avoid too many bells and whistles. As big of a convenience many add ons are, I force myself to ask the question “How annoyed will I be or how much of a pain in the butt will it be, if/when that thing breaks?” That nixes door dispensers for ice or water, and many computerized features. That’s saved some frustration, but it seems unavoidable we’re heading into an era where appliances are viewed as disposable as your ipod/clothes/phone.

But I will say my Breville Smart Oven is going on it’s 7-8th year. While I wish it were as shiny, it’s been a work horse and given me np problems. In the meantime, I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the new appliances from my kitchen and laundry reno from 3 yrs ago.


Same here we have a 1 year old dish washer that has been worked on 3 times now. They are coming again this Tuesday to fix the pump that they replaced 1 week ago. At least I got smart on my toaster. I bought a 50 year old toaster on Esty and it still works like a charm.

I have an old fridge in the basement for extra space. I don’t trust this one. I know if I cancelled my new fridge this guy would laugh at me and die again.

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So incredibly frustrating…
I’ve gone through at least 7 refrigerators
over the last 20 years. The last one a highly rated
Frigidaire came complete with a
factory leak in the sealed system…good luck proving that.
After a long battle I was offered a discounted
extended warranty…no thanks!

My sister who always purchases high end built ins
has issues all the time and claims her appliances are for
the most part shit.

Those old white “Honeymooner’s” looking fridges
were indestructible and lasted forever.
Appliances are disposable now.
I gave up on extended warranty’s when the last
service man showed up with out any tools and needed
to use ours.


Maybe sell it on Craigslist while you can :wink:

HA!!! Perfect!

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I wouldn’t want the owners to come back seeking revenge!!

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When I was growing up and even in my early home owning years, you replaced appliances because you were sick of them and they were old, not because they’d stopped working. A new fridge meant the extra one went into the garage or basement for overflow storage, still working.

The appliances in our first home were just shy of 30 years old when we bought it, looked and worked like new and were still going strong when we replaced them years later. They were cheap ones, too. Only the dryer was replaced due to not being worth a pricey repair, at over 30 years old, after a few years of use.

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So far, in appliance purchases made in recent years, have been really happy with LG. Was often the best reviewed when I checked. In this case; Washer and Dryer, several years old, trouble free, great performance.

I sure hope so!!!

Hey, buyer beware! I never had anyone complain on Craigslist…although eBay is the total opposite.

I would be buying LG if it met my space/dimension requirements better, without the beverage stuff on front.

Exactly why my shopping research veered from the appliance itself toward the reviews of post purchase warranty and service issues.

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the dudes from Lowe’s that delivered my new fridge last Thursday offhandedly mentioned the stuff they have the most trouble with - as in taking it back to the store - is LG branded.

that is just their observation.

some models are dogs from day 1 - we had a Samsung which was freezing up - and the salesperson insisted ‘oh yeah they had that problem but they solved it.’

right. electric refrigeration was just invented 10 years ago - so one is supposed to believe that kind of BS.

designed by little old Chinese “engineers” who do refrigerator design but don’t have electricity in their homes to use one. and built by the lowest cost manufacturer with the cheapest materials available and knock-off components that are just as good as a Xerox.

the manufacturer’s actually don’t care - if it breaks, you will buy another one. theirs or a competitor owned by the same investment group - no problem - they make a profit on a new unit any which way they make it fail.

Funny, the guy who repairs our Electrolux who told he he wouldn’t own one said he sees fewer repairs with LG. I hope he’s right and Lowes guy is wrong!!

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Total crap shoot, if you ask me.